I’m picking up good vibrations…

I noticed that I’m dragging it lately. IT being ME. Could it be the change in the weather? Hmmmm. I don’t think so, although Fall is showing more and more signs of itself. Leaves changing and cooler weather. It is my favourite season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad, down or depressed. I’m just plain dragging myself.


So, I did a little research. I discovered that my vibrations are low. If you’re as muddled as I was when I first heard the term “vibrations” let me explain.

Looking into the universe you will find that everything is made of matter and beyond that there are quantum particles and light energy that we are all made up of. Light can move at low frequencies and high frequencies and it has a vibrational tendency that we can see or feel through our senses. Quite simply we feel it though our emotions, and as a result our thoughts and feelings create a vibration that dictates areas of our lives. Some of these may include our relationships, health and happiness.

Wow! That is as scientific as I can get! For those of you that know me, I’m sure you’re impressed. Anyway, if we are on a certain frequency it can affect everything. Whether it’s a positive or negative vibration depends on us! If we are happy, we see nothing but happiness and positivity all around us. If we are upset or sad, then it will be only negativity that we see or feel around us.


We all have that friend who is so lucky. Everything seems to work out for them. Life is always good. This person has high vibrations. In the same way, what about that friend that is always unhappy and complaining that nothing ever works out for them? They are always sick or sad. Guess what vibration they are on? You got it. LOW.

I’ve been all about positivity this year and making sure that is where my thoughts are. So where did things start to change? Or have they changed?

I started thinking back and realized it was happening right after the Las Vegas shootings. An absolutely awful event in history and myself like most people…I was glued to CNN watching and learning, early in the morning and late at night.  Everything was urgent, there was always a special report as newer details emerged! Fear and sadness was all I felt. My vibrations were being affected.  Our thoughts and behaviours dictate our frequency.  Okay so now that I figured that out and perhaps you are in the same boat. How do we change it? We want and need higher vibrational thinking and feelings.

Be Grateful– Practice saying out loud what you are grateful for. I promise you no one ever feels negative when they are naming all that they are grateful for, in fact you will feel yourself smiling.

Surround yourself with positive people– Positive people will automatically make your vibrations go up. Excuse yourself from those who exude negativity all the time. They will quite simply bring you down.

Activity– If you can’t get to the gym, go for a walk or anything active that will get your blood pumping it will raise your vibrations!

Nature– Take a few moments to notice the beauty of nature, it could be the changing colour of leaves in fall, a rain storm, or just simply bird watching.

Meditation– It’s no coincidence that I noticed my meditation had dropped and my vibrations were affected. Take a few minutes to clear your mind, even just simply deep breathing will help.

Electronics- Do you really need to check face book, twitter and email as many times as you do? Consider limiting this to a few times a day. Instead of all the time. Trust me I know because I was guilty of this.  Consider removing your notifications on things such as Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter. Do you really need to immediately know when someone posts something?

Television- This obviously is an electronic and could be included in the above section on Electronics. But, I wanted to handle it separately. People don’t understand the draining power the news can have on us. The television electro magnetic frequencies are one thing and we need to minimize our exposure to them, in addition the frantic need to be in touch with the news all the time and to be updated on breaking news is not necessary and drains us.  The television can drain our positivity and instead instil fear in us. Work to appreciate your life and what is around you instead. Don’t let the television distract you from doing more positive things.


There are so many other things I can suggest and if you need more info, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help.

In the mean time, pay attention to how you feel around certain people and environments. Work to keep your vibrations raised and take the steps necessary to get there. You are important.

Be Selfish.










Brian lives under a tarp

Libraries give me the heebie jeebies. I’m not gonna lie.  While studying for both my degrees, I couldn’t handle libraries and you would often find me in places that were ‘happening’.  I needed background noise; the deafening silence of a library drove me up a wall.

Fast forward to today, and one of my fave places to blog has often raised my daughter’s eyebrows and she would warn “I don’t know how safe it is there Mom, go into the library like an ordinary person.” Much to her dismay, I would blog in the foyer or atrium of the library and entertain myself by people watching.  She’s always surprised at how friendly, her brother, dad and I are even towards people we don’t know. She is quieter and much more cautious. I will readily say hello if someone greets me, anyways…

One particular blogging day, a dishevelled young man of no more than 30 years old sat down at a table a few feet from me. He had a rather worn coffee cup with him and a dirty plastic bag of clothes.  I kept typing on my laptop but surreptitiously noted that he was dressed in a faded long sleeved grey top, beige cargo shorts, black and white running shoes, and blue baseball cap. Dangling from his neck was a plastic black cross.  He was homeless. I kept typing.


Eventually the young man and I began talking about the weather…always the safest of topics among strangers. We talked about the Indian summer we were currently experiencing and our hopes that it would continue for a while. Periods of silence would follow our short conversations and eventually he would tell me that he was homeless, and I feigned surprise. I didn’t think it was right to tell him that I already knew that.  He had only been homeless for a few weeks, he introduced himself as Brian.  I smiled and nodded. He started to tell me his life story, I hadn’t asked:

Brian talked about his childhood, how good things were growing up with his sister and that his mom was a good person “most of the time.”  But he had lost touch with both. He didn’t even know where they lived. He said his dad was pretty much non-existent and an alcoholic. He hated him. He spoke about his years in high school and that he enjoyed it most of the time, he also at one time had an amazing girlfriend.

I kept listening as he announced that he eventually got carried away with alcohol. He told me about rehab and thinking he could conquer alcohol and every time he stayed sober, something would happen and he would be drinking again. He happily said that he was 10 days sober and I congratulated him. He stopped, smiled apologetically and said, “you know, I know you’re busy and I have no idea why I just told you all of this.” I said it was ok.  I gently asked, “how did you end up homeless?” He explained that he had been staying at his ex girlfriend’s place but found her poor parenting skills and overall laziness frustrating and he couldn’t live there anymore. I thought to myself “hmmm he has standards.” So, he went to live in a trailer park with his aunt. He helped her do everything she needed, fix things, clean up etc. Before long, he said management asked him to either pay $40 a day to stay there or leave. He didn’t have money, he didn’t have a job. He said he tried to reason with them, suggested being a handy man, but it seemed that they resented all the work he was doing and said no. So, by early August he was homeless. I asked Brian about local shelters, and he said “yep, I used to rush there and sometimes I would get a bed, other times, I wouldn’t.” Even if he did get a bed, he had to watch his back in “places like that.” “Hmmm” I thought to myself, “he’s smart” There were a few times he got there and the lineup was long and he didn’t get a bed. He told me about one time, when staff suggested he find a spot and sleep outside and gave him a blanket. It didn’t last, because in the middle of the night the cops shone a light on him and told him to move it, “go to the waterfront” they had suggested.

So, he did. He told me he set up a cute little spot with a tarp and some crates. He smiled happily and told me that it was “cozy and really it could be much worse.” His positivity impressed me and made me feel guilty as I thought about some of the first world problems I complain about.


“So, what’s next for you?” I asked. He said he was currently waiting for someone he met at the waterfront. A guy who told him he may be able to help him get in contact with some good friends in Nova Scotia. He wanted to ask them if he could come out there. He needed a fresh start he said, even if he had to hop from train to train to do it. He laughed.

He stopped talking and gazed out a nearby window.  I quietly went back to typing. I struggled with my thoughts and my blog because I realized that Brian was the first homeless person I had ever spoken too. I mean, I have given food to homeless people that I would sometimes encounter on the street but we never spoke. I never give money because I never want to contribute to any type of addiction. But this was the first time I ever spoke to someone who was homeless and learned their name and their story.

I kept waiting for Brian to ask me if I had any spare change, I was positive he would ask. He didn’t. I kept working on my blog, but thinking of this homeless young man seated a few feet away, really bothered me. We read about the homeless, the young, the old, the squeegee kids, across our country. We see it on tv and we question why does it happen, people drop money into their metal cans. Listen for the clink and move on, on to their lives.

But I have never actually SPOKEN to someone who is homeless, and on this day, I learned a few things from Brian:

He will keep praying for a miracle

He won’t give up

He’s determined to make it

It makes me think about some of our first world problems and the general sense of entitlement many of us feel.  Myself included. “oh my God look at the price of gas!” Brian doesn’t have a car. “seriously leftovers for dinner again?” Brian doesn’t know where his next meal will come from.” The house needs cleaning!” Brian lives at the lake…under a tarp.


That’s when the guilt kicks in and the sense of wonder, how can something like this happen to our fellow humans? And, if it can happen to them it can happen to me. I wonder how I can help this young man.

A few minutes later, Brian stood up “I don’t think he’s going to show up” referencing his friend. “I’ve also taken up a lot of your time” He smiled apologetically. “It was really nice to talk to you. “I look down at my computer and at a banana I have sticking out of my purse. As if reading my thoughts Brian held up a can of chicken. “They say this is pretty good, I even have some mustard here to go with it… I’m going to be fine. “ I felt totally helpless as he walked away, I told him to take it easy, to take care and good luck.
He smiled and said “everything will be ok, I just know it. “I sat there and thought about that for a while. A homeless young man with his world in a plastic bag, a can of chicken and a bottle of mustard just old ME that everything would be ok.

After he left, it was impossible to go back to the blog I was working on. I decided to google some recent info on homelessness in Canada. A recent CTV report said that there are approximately 235,000 homeless people in Canada! Some of the causes are addiction, mental illness, unemployment, family hardships and broken relations. I had just spoken to one homeless person, he was smart and very nice. There are 234,999  more of him out there and the thought just sickened me.

I found myself thinking back to the days that I used to assist with meal prep at a local soup kitchen. I never met any of the people that came in, because I was usually prepping stuff and setting tables. I was often gone by the time they came in to eat. A good sense of satisfaction came with this volunteer position, it may be time to go back to something similar. I realized that it’s not just about dropping off food at the food bank a couple times a year. It’s more about making a consistent difference.

I guess that’s why I met Brian.





Last weekend I turned 51. The last year flew by and, to be honest, I saw some changes.

The doc, advised me that I had hip and foot arthritis which led to a slow down at the gym, until the arthritic flair ups settled. This led to weight gain– slow and steady, hard to miss weight gain. Suddenly, I had a tummy! Or beer belly? Hell, I don’t even like beer! Getting back to exercise has been incredibly challenging, my metabolism taunts me, laughing at me and teasing me, refusing to help. It won’t move its sorry ass!


“Don’t worry,” said one friend, “it’s perimenopause.” “Don’t worry” said another friend it’s “menopause.”  So now, on a regular basis, the terms perimenopause, menopause and post menopause are thrown around. All I know is that I don’t like any of them! I sure as heck didn’t sign up for all the exciting things that want to be a part of my life while this menopause gang hangs with me. In fact, maybe (depending on who you ask) I may have some mood swings, tiredness, skin breakouts and blazing hot as hell flashes etc.

I’ve also noticed no– actually I’m convinced I’m losing my hearing. “No, no Mom,” consoles my daughter “You just aren’t paying attention”.

Hmmmm… I don’t know. It seems to me that everyone is mumbling around me except my extra loud son and my loud middle nephew, who I can hear anywhere. I think they need to give the rest of the world a lesson on speaking up! I know, I know– That was a cranky old lady comment.

I’ve also noticed that my eyes like to fly open around 4 am and presto I’m wide awake! So wide awake, in fact, I’ve considered getting up and starting laundry or maybe washing the floors? It’s crazy! Then, if I do fall asleep, wild vivid dreams fill my sleep.

Alas, the latter has invited dark circles around my eyes. I literally look like a raccoon most mornings. So, for the first time in my whole life, I’m actually wearing concealer, highlighter and foundation …. God bless you Mac Cosmetics.

And you know what else? Lines…. lines around my eyes. Especially when I smile. Recently I advised my husband that I just won’t smile anymore…that should take care of things. He found that amusing, because he knows me: I love to laugh, it will never stop.


But there has been some pretty cool stuff this year that I witnessed:

  • I saw a family member deal with a health set back in a positive and admirable way and worked their way up to getting better and looking amazing. (So…gee maybe I can at least lose the weight and get back to a solid fitness level!)
  • I watched both our children turn 27 and 24 and make grown up decisions regarding their careers.
  •  I watched my spunky dog turn 14 (that would be 73 in human years)  but she’s still  young at heart, and chasing everything that moves in our yard… albeit slower, and a little out of breath!

The year went fast, and now that I’m 51, I think I can say I’m settling into this decade quite nicely. Each year will bring changes I know, but I am happy and grateful for every day and every experience.

There will be some upcoming goal setting on my part. Stay tuned as I introduce you to them one by one…. You’re gonna love it!



Over the Summer Hubby and I attended two wonderful weddings. I must say, as corny as it sounds, there is nothing more beautiful than watching a couple profess their love for one another and begin their marriage — twice! Next year we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and, if I do say so myself, it’s a heck of an accomplishment.

A few years ago, we headed to the Mayan Riviera to celebrate out 25th wedding anniversary. Hubby had it all organized: private butler, adult only, private dinner, rose petal bath via candle light. It was fantastic!

Anyway, on the plane a few people found out that we were celebrating our 25th and wanted to know our secret, or at least, some advice. We got comments specifically as, “Oh my God, how did you do it?” “What’s your secret?” I remember feeling pretty honoured. We spoke about communication and having a sense of humour, picking the battles and all that kind of stuff.

But, getting closer to our 30th wedding anniversary and 35 years together… I think I have more to say:

Respect: How did we both manage to miss mentioning this on the plane that day? It is the basic ingredient to marriage. It is the foundation! Respect one another, your relationship, your family, your history and your future.

So, you may be asking yourself “I think I’m respecting my spouse. Am I?” Well, that could be a topic for another day, but in a nut shell: Do you listen when your spouse speaks?  Do you speak respectively to your spouse, avoiding belittling, sarcasm or name calling? Do you take an active interest in their life? If this makes you think, “uh oh” don’t panic, because it leads me to my next point.


Team Work: Don’t let anyone tell you that marriage is easy.  There are times it’s not. Anyone who says it’s easy is lying. Throughout marriage there are stages that present challenges and will make some days harder then others and may lead into disagreements. These stages include raising small children, lack of sleep, making time for one another, lack of sleep, dealing with teenage drama, lack of sleep, broken curfews, (did I mention lack of sleep?) bills, work and just plain old exhaustion. Hubby and I always try to approach everything like a team.  When the kids were little we took turns sleeping in on the weekends, we tried to parent like a team and made decisions together. I even recall picking up our teenage daughter up from a party together one dark winter night. She annoyingly said, “why do you guys tag team wherever you go??” It was the best compliment ever! Nowadays they get a kick if they see us high five each other. We are most definitely a team. Now don’t get the idea that everything is always perfect, because we both have made mistakes over the years because, well, no one is perfect. But, the one thing we did maintain is our respect for one another.


Spend time alone together: Your relationship as Husband and Wife is top priority. Hubby and I would have regular date nights where we would hit up a good restaurant and, our deal was that we could talk about everything EXCEPT the kids. After all, there was the two of us before the kids, and there will be the two of us AFTER the kids leave the nest.

Grocery shopping does not count as spending time together — that is a chore. Make it good quality time, go out for coffee or a walk or a drive. When the kids are older, plan trips together, just the two of you.  I honestly cannot stress enough how much fun that is!  Hard to find the time? Plan it! Make it a priority! Schedule it.

Most of all, when the going gets tough, don’t give up. Be grateful for one another and show it!


Ten things I know to be true

  1. Babies smell great and they can turn a bad day into a better one!

Five years ago, when I was going through a rough time and needed a pick me up, I would visit my then baby nephew, Johnny. He would smell delicious and would be happy to be held, kissed and snuggled. I would always leave my sister’s house a happier person.

  1. Travel whenever you can

We get hung up in our day to day lives and sometimes forget there is a big world out there, go places, see new things, meet new people and learn about new cultures. It truly broadens your perspective.


  1. My husband is my one true love

I was lucky enough to find him at a young age. I’ll tell you that story sometime.

  1. Crying to a police officer doesn’t always get you out of a ticket (don’t ask)

It used to work like a charm when I was younger, go figure.


  1. Practice gratitude daily

I mean it. What a difference it makes when you can say out loud a few things you are grateful for. It’s an instant perk. Try it.

  1. My world lights up when my kids walk in the room

I’m always so amazed that I gave birth to two great kids. Besides being smart and good looking, they are compassionate, giving, and loving human beings with great big hearts. They believe in loyalty, honesty and kissing their parents.


  1. Make time to do nothing

Yes, you read that right, I’ve only been doing that in recent years. It may mean meditating or just chilling. Life is not about being busy all the time and running around. Sometimes you can hear more in quiet and silence then you ever could while racing around.

  1. Keep the past in the past

If there was a reward for hitting the rewind button on the past, it would go to me.  I’ll say this though It solves nothing. Whoever said you can’t go forward while looking back was right. Don’t look back.

Placeholder Image

  1. Surround yourself with positivity

Positive thoughts and positive people make an enormous difference, I found this out myself when I chose to distance myself from the Debbie downers and negative Normans.

  1. Make the time to pray

You don’t have to be in church to pray. Pray wherever and whenever you want too. I have prayed in the most predictable places (airplanes) and the most unpredictable places (traffic jams). When the feeling hits go for it, God is always listening.


What things do you know to be true?




It Ain’t Over Until I Say So!

Years ago, when the children were small, the arrival of August would mean that the dog days of summer were drawing to a close and soon we would have to start back to school shopping and discussing their birthday plans. (Both my kids are born in September!) Excitement would mount as the kids and their friends would speculate, who’s class will we be in? Eagerly anticipating the release of class lists and teachers.


Now with adult kids, and a limited time running out to enjoy the beautiful days, things have changed. Don’t get me wrong, I look back with love and remember the endless summers I was lucky enough to spend with them. Looking at our summer list with places and things to do that at this point in the summer would be all checked off. But as life changes and kids grow. It’s the hubby and I that are making our plans.

IMG_3888 (1)

For those of you that may be in a comparable situation and perhaps don’t have grand kids to keep you busy quite yet. There is an abundance of things you can do, while the summer weather is still with us. Here is a list of some of the things that Hubby and I get around too, with a few that we still should do:

  1.  Oshawa- Tree top Eco-adventure park– From zip lining, to axe throwing and combat archery there is an abundance of things to do! There’s even night climbs and this is all located here in Durham region.
  2. Port Perry- Blue Heron Casino always promises a good time, but the fave for hubby and I is a stroll along the Port Perry waterfront. Often there is a musical or a movie night in the park. A beautiful way to enjoy the lake and the weather.
  3. Niagara on the lake- We always make it out to Niagara on the lake, the lure of fresh peaches and wine is all it takes! Touring the wineries and then settling in for a nice after noon lunch overlooking the vineyards is so much fun!
  4. Dining in Toronto is a blast- We love Rodney’s Oyster House; the fresh delicious abundance of Oysters is both mind boggling and delicious. The staff is patient and knowledgeable as they help you make your selections (if you are a newbie to the oyster world). Might I add that they have the most delicious and spicy Caesar I have every had! Highly recommend!
  5. Jazz boat cruise- We never miss Eddie Bullen’s smooth jazz boat cruise, this year it will be held on August 18th on the River Gambler, complete with a delicious dinner served to the sounds of fantastic jazz as the boat cruises around the Toronto skyline at sunset.

Enjoy the beautiful days we have left! If you have been somewhere fantastic in the city or GTA. Let me know so I can shout it out from the rooftops! Well blog about it!



If I’m not red…I’m dead.

Staring in the mirror recently I started thinking how much it drives me nuts to have to get my hair coloured on a regular basis. The need to cover the grey hair, and the window that keeps getting shorter and shorter in between each hair dressing appointment! Damn! I looked closer and decided that I was pretty much done with the dark hair and the lack of personality in my hair.  My personality! I kinda felt like my hair belonged to someone else. I needed a drastic move, drastic for me at least.


Ashley in Oshawa Centre’s Curio, listened to me go on and on and on, I mentioned red for some reason. Probably because it’s my fave colour. No sooner did the words escape my lips that I knew I had a horrified look on my face. Could I have red highlights in my hair? I was almost 51! What would people think? What would people say? Holy hell! Was I having a mid life crisis?

Ashley confidently smiled and said I would look great and she would be able to make that red show beautifully and that it would suit me well.


It made me think..why are we so concerned about what others think? I mean I can give myself some credit and say that I have cared less and less as I have become older, and sometimes I even speak without thinking. But at the same time there have been too many times I’ve seen older women who..well..are either dressed or have a hair colour that would better suit someone in their 20’s.

But the thing is who made those rules? Who says that certain hair colours are for certain ages? I mean if I was 70 and wanted to rock some green or purple strands I could do it! Right? Damn right! Ok, Ashley from Curio. Bring on the expertise!


So, we began by removing layers and layers of dark colour so that we could give me a medium dark root, we then chose the red. Ashley began expertly applying it to my hair. Friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable about hair colour I was intrigued and picked her brain on stuff related to hair colour.

While sitting and waiting for the stuff in my hair to do it’s thing, I felt myself becoming increasingly nervous. What if it turned out bad? What if my hair fell out? What if I looked like a clown? What? Why the hell was I thinking that? Ashley periodically came by and with her big smile she would check my hair. Why didn’t she look nervous I wondered? She should be nervous this was a big moment. Then I realized that she has done a kabillion of these in her lifetime. I sat quietly and thought about how good a glass of wine would be at that moment.


Finally, we washed it out and I looked in the mirror. I was beyond pleased!  Ashley started styling my hair, it was perfectly vibrant with just enough sass! There was red in my hair, and it looked great! It looked like ME and that it belonged there, like we belonged together! Red and Maryse! Together at last. I finally felt like the colour reflected my personality. I felt quite comfortable in my own skin. This was exciting!! I was so happy and the compliments have been flowing non-stop.

Yep! I was almost 51 and rocking red highlights! What’s next?


Butter Tart Heaven

There a few things in life I am addicted too; the smell of my Hubby, beautiful sunsets, yellow roses and butter tarts. They all make me insanely happy and grateful to be alive. The other day I posted a teaser picture on my Instagram about this upcoming blog on butter tarts and delighted in a lot of questions from my fellow American bloggers. Butter tarts are indeed an essential Canadian dessert. Let me explain…

What are butter tarts? A butter tart is a small flaky round pastry shell that is filled with a gooey buttery filling that is semi solid with a firm top. Butter tarts have been around since the 1600’s. Created and developed in Canada it’s origins are believed to be from new brides who arrived in Canada and needed to make dessert. They used what could be found, butter, lard, maple syrup, sugar, raisins. Hence the butter tart was born. This delectable dessert can be seen across Canada, sometimes with variations, such as the additions of chocolate chips, or different dried fruits, coconut etc.  But for me a true butter tart is an original plain butter tart. One where the pastry is not too thick and not too thin. The pastry must be firm, but not hard, flaky but not fall apart. The inside of the tart should be gooey yet firm. A runny tart is not a good butter tart in my opinion.


On July 15th, Enniskillen General Store hosted their traditional butter tart festival and as always yours truly was there at 9am. Never too early to start consuming butter tarts! Right? The samples from vendors were abundant, the selection of tarts amazing! Flavours such as, smores, nanaimo, chocolate, coconut, bacon bits, pecan, raisin and many many more! I was as usual giddy with excitement.


I knew what I was looking for, what I am always looking for the PERFECT butter tart. I finally sampled one from a vendor from “Heavenly Palate” based out of Ajax. I was intrigued at the taste of the tart. Easy to eat while holding it, the tart didn’t run down my chin. The flavour evoked yummy buttery sweetness that melted in my mouth. Impressive! The sample had impressed me. I eagerly bought some and headed home. The whole time thinking about eating a whole tart to myself!


Once I was home and eating one, I was a little disappointed at the pastry, while it was pretty good, it wasn’t quite flaky enough and there was so much of it. It far outweighed how much tart there was. I prefer a butter tart to have as close to even as possible pastry to tart ratio. Having said that, I did enjoy eating it and they were gone the very same day. Tee hee!!!


I think that there was an abundance of happy people that day, in Enniskillen and many fellow butter tart lovers because I’ve been told that approximately 24, 500 butter tarts were sold that day alone! Amazing! As for me, I am still in search of the best butter tart ever. If you know where that butter tart lives ….let me know.


Black Magic

How important are the eyes? How does the old saying go? “The eyes are the windows to your soul”. So, while that may be true, eyes are the first thing I notice about someone. Are you making eye contact with me? If you’re a female, I’m checking out your eye makeup. Eye makeup and the way you apply it, tells me a lot about you. Eye make up goes back in my life to when I was thirteen years old and sneaking to school and applying oodles of eyeliner and blue and pink eye shadow before class. *shudder* what were we thinking back then? Fortunately, I have matured in my outlook and learned the simplicity and importance of application of proper eye liners. Finding what I really want is another story. My requirements of a good eyeliner:

  • Good pigmentation
  • Not tested on animals
  • Gentle enough for contact lens wearers
  • Gentle enough for sensitive eyes
  • Long lasting power
  • Trouble-free application
  • Fair price point
  • Waterproof

Finding all of this in an eye liner has been challenging for me, so when the Motives Cosmetics rep met with me again and held up “Black Magic” I was doubtful.  But I won’t lie I was intrigued looking at it. Why? Well there was a lot of product. I loved seeing that, it wasn’t going to be a case of a little pencil and that’s all. The pencil was an excellent size. It also had an unusual twist tip that I would never have to sharpen! Whooo hooo! A huge plus already. My Motives Rep went on to show me the very cool built in smudger located at the other end of the pencil for easy blending. And she happily told me that the product was not tested on animals. I hadn’t even tried it yet and the check marks were adding up!


I chose a Friday to test out the black magic eyeliner, I did this because I knew I would have a busy day and I had plans to be out for the evening as well. Around 10am I carefully applied the eyeliner and I was pretty impressed with the stable and precise tip of the pencil that let me use the eyeliner how I wanted it, I even experimented with a thin line and a thicker line, with wings and with no wings. The pencil followed me with great degree and precision. Awesome and easy application!  Easy because it went on in a single creamy stroke. The colour was beautiful! Fantastic pigmentation, no need to go over my eye more then once! Impressive! I was nervous that it may burn or my eyes may water because I wear contact lenses and I have super sensitive eyes. I hung around the house waiting for some type of reaction to occur, just in case. Nothing happened. My eyes looked great and my contacts were happy as well as my eyeballs.


Throughout my day I looked in the mirror a few times and happily noticed that there was no transfer of colour to my upper eyelids, which often gives me a reverse type of raccoon eye. Nor was there anything at the bottom of my eyelids for the dreaded panda eye look. Everything was in place and looking great.

Hubby and I headed downtown for dinner that night and my eyeliner still looked awesome. At dinner, I ended up ordering a super Spicy Caesar that had me sniffling and my eyes watering, I was afraid to look in the mirror after dinner. When I did I happily noticed that only a small amount had faded at the top of my lid and it looked like it was more due to the time I was wearing if for, instead of all the sniffling and runny eyes I had suffered with my Spicy Caesar.  Not bad for close to 8 hours which would ordinarily be my whole day.


When I got home, my eyeliner was easy to remove with eye makeup remover, no need to scrub, it came off with a cotton pad.

Motives Black Magic waterproof eye pencil was sealing the deal for me as it fulfilled all the checkmarks to me for an eye pencil. I am without a doubt a tough customer when it comes to eyeliners, mainly because I have many needs that it needs to fulfill.

I highly recommend this eyeliner and it has become a part of my daily makeup routine. Don ‘t close your eyes to this one, give it a try.

 Priced fairly at:

$17.95 US

$24.23 CAD


Black Magic

Dark Chocolate



By clicking the link and ordering your Motives Eyeliner you will receive 2% cash back on your purchase, detailed cash back information can be found on the Motives web site.


Sorry not Sorry

Recently I met up for coffee with a rep from Motives Cosmetics. She held up a tube of gorgeous lip colour and laughed at how speechless I was. If you know me at all, this is a rare occurrence. I was beyond excited!

Let me back up a bit, Motives Cosmetics began in 2008 by Loren Ridinger. The company prides itself on quality and front-line technology. Motives is one of the world leaders in the cosmetics industry and a glance at their Instagram page will show you that that their cosmetics are worn by numerous celebrities and is a go to line of products for photographers, makeup artists and models. And…I get it! Wow!

I love matte lip colour and often struggle to find colours that feel good, look good, are priced well and above all LAST on my lips. I need staying power! This awesome colour is actually called Sorry Not Sorry and is a beautiful cross between orange and red and comes from their specific line called Maven Mattes.


The design of the tube is user friendly, and easy to slip into your makeup bag for portability. I decided to try out this colour on a very busy errand filled Saturday, a day that I knew re applying lip colour would not be an option. The applicator was amazing to use, rounded tip and slightly bendable. This is a big plus for me because I rarely use lip liners. The manoeuvrability of the brush allowed me to apply the colour flawlessly to the shape of my lips.


The colour went on creamy and smooth, I worried about drying time and wondered if it would end up as the matte finish I wanted. It dried quickly and looked stunning on!! I was so impressed and began my busy day at 11am.

During the course of the day, I ran into my young nephews and kissed them both, happily noticing that there was minimal transfer of colour to their little faces. I had lunch and met a friend for coffee, noticing as well minimal transfer to my utensils and coffee cup. I glanced in the mirror at one point and happily saw that I sill had on a fair amount of colour. I was astounded, rarely do I have this kind of luck.

Finally, my day wrapped up with me shopping at Costco and having to deal with countless food samples that magically kept jumping in my mouth. Surely by the time I got home my beautiful matte will be gone.

When I arrived home, I checked in the mirror and noticed that my lip colour was STILL on. Not as perfectly applied of course as it had been in the morning, but well enough that I had colour and there was no need to reapply until perhaps later in the evening. I was very impressed with this product.


A quick glance at the website will actually tell you that it may have to be reapplied. I liked reading that, a cosmetic company that does not mislead you. However, in my case I did not require a reapplication.

Considering that perhaps I had beginners luck, I continued to make Sorry Not Sorry part of my makeup regime for the next few days. It looked amazing and stayed on consistently. Even better were the compliments I was receiving. Fantastic matte line and fantastic colour.

Priced fairly at:

$21.95 US

$29.63 CAD