Our Changing World

They’re calling these unprecedented times. The dictionary defines unprecedented as “never done or known before.” So, I guess this is unprecedented. These are times we have never seen before. Coronavirus, or Covid 19 – has taken over the world. A virus that is wiping out so many people around the globe daily. Each day the number of those sickened or perishing at the hands of this monstrous virus rises. At this time there is nothing that we can do about it, except try our best to protect ourselves.

person washing his hand
There are many that are pointing fingers, blaming countries, blaming ETHNICITIES (come on people), complaining about who knew about it first and didn’t tell the rest of the world. It really is getting us no where; the concern is how to stop this peak slow down the curve, while researchers worldwide have made it a priority to find a vaccine. The medical community is working tenfold we must help them and do as we are told. Wash hands, stay home, follow the rules.

fashion man people sign
I know that we crave information and every day we look to the news for some guidance. It turns out to just be depressing and suffocating, how do we survive in times like this? Everyone can say “you have to look on the bright side” you have to know “that this too shall pass” or you have to just breathe” All those little tidbits and poetry quotes that we like to pull out of our pockets to make ourselves feel better. But let’s be real, I think that if this situation sucks, we should be allowed to say THIS SUCKS! Or WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Or “THIS IS NOT FAIR” and even the first world problems that may be a part of your life that are missing, acknowledge that. You should be allowed to despise this as much as anyone else, if you can no longer jog outside with your group of friends like you used too, or attend appointments, go to work or school. You can be upset. But know that life will return to normal, but it will be a new normal.

man wearing a black face mask
I think I first became aware of how different things had become when I first went into the supermarket with my daughter. We made sure to take all the necessary precautions, making sure we were wearing gloves, keeping hand sanitizer in our pockets that could be accessed quickly at any given moment. Just walking around our supermarket in our town felt so strange. I considered the fact that I am an Empath and perhaps I was just being extra sensitive. I looked around at everyone scurrying around getting their groceries with their heads down, no one looking up or saying hello like it used to be. As soon as we left, I asked my daughter, “Did it feel strange in there?” she said “Yes, tense.” I guess that’s just a new normal I hope that doesn’t last. That’s a new normal that will be challenging for me to deal with. Lineups in supermarkets, drugstores and Walmart have all started using tape so that customers know where to stand so that we are respecting the 6 feet apart rule that the medical community has asked. Will this be a new normal? I don’t know.

coronavirus news on screen
What can we do in the meantime? Get the complaining out of your system but eventually, I guess we must accept this. Continue working from home, spend time with your family or whomever you are hunkered down with. Play your board games, attending meetings on Zoom, I had a lovely happy hour chat Saturday night with two girlfriends. It wasn’t the same as when we meet up in person, but it will have to do for now. The Mister was the best bartender and kept the drinks coming! You don’t have to go it alone, stay connected, facetime or phone calls. We are all in the same boat. We are all in this together. Go for walks. You must know that things are going to get better, we MUST think positively. Keep reality in check though, this virus is still rocking the globe and there will be many more deaths, the world has changed and so has its keepers. Stay real but stay optimistic

blessings Maryse xox

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