Pampering and professionalism at Maison Blanc Day Spa

Let’s face it, us ladies love the idea of an awesome manicure, pedicure or body treatment in a real spa like environment. While I am a huge fan of St. Anne’s Spa in Grafton Ontario, it’s not a place I can get to on a regular basis. Still, I craved something similar in a day spa.


Late last year I realized that my needs had changed with regards to the type of environment I needed for manicures, pedicures and body treatments. I was at the point that craving this type of environment was something at the age of 52, I felt I deserved. What was I looking for?

  • A quiet spa like atmosphere
  • Happy, highly professional and knowledgeable estheticians
  • Pampering from the minute I walk in the door, while waiting for my appointment, and during my appointment

joanna-kosinska-395403 (1)

So, I put out the word and asked around, I tried out a few places. Many places consisted of staff speaking different languages while providing services.  For me, that’s a NO.  Or loud music and blow driers and hair cuts happening a mere few feet away from me. Another NO.  One place consisted of pure gossip, all about other staff members and owners. NO.  At other places the spa feeling was just lacking. Another NO.

At long last my daughter received a recommendation and was told about Maison Blanc Day Spa located right in Whitby! What? Right downtown in our hometown? My daughter booked an appointment and had an amazing experience. Her shellac manicure was beautiful, and her experience was top notch! She returned a few weeks later for a manicure and pedicure and was blown away by everything.  They had an extensive list of services offered even body treatments! She told me that it was time for me to visit this spa.

This past Saturday I booked a nail polish change for both my daughter and myself. I was curious how we would be treated with this very simple and inexpensive service that I booked.

From the moment we entered the Spa we were greeted by friendly smiling faces. Our coats were hung, and boots put away and we were given comfy slippers to wear! I was totally surprised. A simple finger nail polish change and the pampering was already outstanding. We were taken to a cute seating area and offered cappuccino, tea, lemon water or cookies. Impressive. Get this! It wasn’t make your own, they made it for us!


At appointment time we were introduced to our estheticians who were working out of a spotless, airy and beautiful room. Both ladies showed us different lines and colours of nail polishes. I was impressed.


Application of our polishes was expertly done, and conversation was pleasant. The atmosphere was relaxing, and we enjoyed our service immensely. No gossip, nothing about their personal lives, no language barrier, pampering and professionalism was all we experienced!


I don’t typically review somewhere after booking such a small service, but that in itself represents the irony. Regardless of how small the service was, the staff at Maison Blanc Day Spa, treats you professionally. Big props to the owner and staff, I have pre-booked services already for my next two visits! Hope to see you there!





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