GREASE…is the word!

“I solve my problems and I see the light, we got a loving thing we got to feed it right. There ain’t no danger we can go too far, we start believing now that we can be what we are… Grease is the word.”

-Frankie Valli

IMG_8292 (Edited)

I got you singing, didn’t I? Possibly evoked some memories of fun times singing songs from Grease over the past few decades? The original Grease is an iconic movie that most of us grew up watching.  John Travolta and Olivia Newton John succeeded in making us feel as though we were a part of Rydell High. So, I was super thrilled when my daughter purchased tickets for us to see Josh Prince’s Toronto production of Grease at the Winter Garden Theatre!

Review of Grease

The Winter Garden Theatre is absolutely gorgeous and just the opportunity to visit it was exciting! I was particularly excited that my daughter purchased a VIP package that included wine for us! Does she know her Mama or what?

IMG_8290 (Edited)

Slightly surprising was the confusion among staff at the Winter Garden on how to direct customers, control crowds and answer basic questions. Anyway… The musical itself was enjoyable with excellent props, costumes—pink ladies and t birds in their familiar jackets. We sang along to all the songs we knew so well, surprisingly there were a few that we didn’t recognize. That kind of threw us, when it comes to remakes I do like some of the basics to still be there.

Along the plot line, there were a few things that confused me, the break ups and getting back together between Sandy and Danny was unclear, numerous and nothing like the original. There were also frequent mooning moments by characters and a bit of vulgarity that I don’t recall from the original. Don’t get me wrong I know this is 2017 and all, but could we not keep to the actual events in the movie?  There was a lot of dancing, hence yes it’s a musical but at times it seemed as though there was too much. Almost as though the choice was made to have more dancing and singing then dialogue.

In addition, I wasn’t totally convinced of the chemistry between Danny and Sandy.  Disappointingly, that should be the first thing that the audience feels. Let’s face it, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John had it! Casting of the two main roles is paramount in my opinion. All in all, It was a pretty good attempt by a young and energetic cast and I was happy that a few Canadians dotted the cast.

Review of the Day

My daughter went out of her way to make the day special for me, even by making my fave breakfast that morning- pancakes! We got ready, dressed in our pink ladies’ jackets, scarves and 50’s style sunglasses, I have to say we looked amazing!  We were pretty stoked for the musical, and my kind Hubby happily gave us a ride downtown. I think he regretted his decision within a few minutes of being in the car because we immediately launched our Grease play list and much to his disappointment we sang every single song all the way downtown!

IMG_8296 (Edited)

Upon arriving at the theatre, I noticed a few pink lady jackets and a few poodle skirts. We were complimented by many and one amazing lady even thought that my daughter was my sister! God Bless her!

Our seats were an amazing choice by my girl, smack dab in the middle of Orchestra, just where I like it! We sang and laughed at the jokes. A gentleman behind us asked if he could take a pic of the back of our jackets- pink lady crests. We obliged of course feeling like celebrities…hehehe!

At intermission we took professional photos all dressed up which was part of our VIP package and enjoyed our wine.

IMG_8298 (Edited)

I loved spending the day with my daughter and quite frankly  Grease the Musical was simply a backdrop to the memories I made with her that day.


Grease the Musical                                                  Memories made with my Daughter

7/10                                                                             Priceless/10



10 thoughts on “GREASE…is the word!

      1. If you scroll through my blog, you will eventually find a picture of me dressed as Rizzo. Our homecoming theme was “Bulldogs on Broadway” and my club choose to do Grease. Sandy was already taken so I was left with the Pink Ladies and randomly choose Rizzo

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      2. I burrowed everything else from one of my suite mates. We got that jacket from Goodwill and was actually a button up men’s shirt, which worked perfectly for a pink lady and then went to Walmart to get leather on letters and my suite mate ironed the letters on. It is kind of crazy dressing up as a character you barely know, but enjoyed doing it

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