Cusa Tea- Premium Instant Tea Review

I love tea, but I don’t love the inconvenience of fiddling with a tea bag in hot water while driving in my car or even the hassle and mess of loose leaf tea. So, when Cusa tea sent me two packages of their assortment of instant teas, I was more than curious as I had never tried an instant tea before!


After living in Asia for a few years, Founder and CEO Jim Mancusa was inspired to create a great tasting instant tea that was both, convenient and high quality. Hence, Cusa Tea was born.



Cusa Tea uses high quality tea and fruit in their products. The company works with farmers who exclusively harvest USDA Organic approved tea. Quite a bonus is that, all the teas have zero calories, no preservatives and no artificial fillers.


How were these teas created?


Scientists were able to use a cold brew tea steeping process that preserves the taste of the tea. They combine a vacuum crystallization method that results in a pure sugar free tea with no additives.


  • Organic Oolong tea
  • Organic English breakfast tea
  • Organic Green tea
  • Mango Green tea
  • Lemon Black tea



Rip open a tea stick and dissolve the instant tea powder into approx. 14oz (350-451ml) of hot water. For cold tea, add a little of hot water before adding the cold water. I chose to pour my tea in different amounts depending on the size of the cup I was using.


Tasting time

Organic Oolong – I tried this tea first thing in the morning and not only was it delicious, but it also packed quite the wake-up punch that was needed on this particular morning! The powder dissolved instantly and tasted heavy, full bodied with a strong nutty type of flavour. I recommend adding a little bit of water until you reach the taste that you desire or sweetener.

Organic English Breakfast – I loved this tea and particularly enjoyed the smoothness to it. It dissolved instantly and was comforting but at the same time had a personality, if you know what I mean. I would recommend a little less water for a nice even flavour.

Organic Green – I have a confession. I am a… self-proclaimed green tea connoisseur. I must say, this one was awesome! It was light but still had that classic, delicious green taste to it that was enjoyable. There was no bitterness to it and the overall taste was truly superior to many other green teas I have tried.

Lemon Black – I know I sound like a broken record but honestly, I cannot get over how the scientists behinds this completely perfected the dissolvable nature of this powdered tea. There was no sight of anything crunchy that left unwanted grainy bits behind. It was super lemony and made me think it will be great for a cold or flu. I found it a little too strong and had to add a little more water.

Mango Green – I tested this one as an iced tea and didn’t bother adding hot water to it first, it dissolved nicely just like the others. It was absolutely amazing and my favourite of all the teas! It was light and refreshing, offering that fresh summer taste on a cool fall afternoon. There was no shortage of the delicious mango flavour that was in every sip! YUM!


Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Cusa Tea was excellent! I enjoyed the convenience of a little tea stick to open that dissolves beautifully. There is no need to worry about steeping time, under steeping or over steeping is a thing of the past! This is the ideal tea for anyone on the move from students to parents or those who endure a bit of a lengthy commute. Great tasting, superior quality tea that is easy and convenient to make? Sign me up! There is no need to juggle tea bags! I appreciated the different varieties and loved trying them all. The box they came in provided nutrition facts and caffeine content which was easy to read and helpful. I would highly recommend Cusa Tea,  and would encourage you to visit their website  to place your order. Pricing begins at $9.99 USD. 


Disclosure: Cusa Tea was sent to me in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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