Butter Tart Heaven

There a few things in life I am addicted too; the smell of my Hubby, beautiful sunsets, yellow roses and butter tarts. They all make me insanely happy and grateful to be alive. The other day I posted a teaser picture on my Instagram about this upcoming blog on butter tarts and delighted in a lot of questions from my fellow American bloggers. Butter tarts are indeed an essential Canadian dessert. Let me explain…

What are butter tarts? A butter tart is a small flaky round pastry shell that is filled with a gooey buttery filling that is semi solid with a firm top. Butter tarts have been around since the 1600’s. Created and developed in Canada it’s origins are believed to be from new brides who arrived in Canada and needed to make dessert. They used what could be found, butter, lard, maple syrup, sugar, raisins. Hence the butter tart was born. This delectable dessert can be seen across Canada, sometimes with variations, such as the additions of chocolate chips, or different dried fruits, coconut etc.  But for me a true butter tart is an original plain butter tart. One where the pastry is not too thick and not too thin. The pastry must be firm, but not hard, flaky but not fall apart. The inside of the tart should be gooey yet firm. A runny tart is not a good butter tart in my opinion.


On July 15th, Enniskillen General Store hosted their traditional butter tart festival and as always yours truly was there at 9am. Never too early to start consuming butter tarts! Right? The samples from vendors were abundant, the selection of tarts amazing! Flavours such as, smores, nanaimo, chocolate, coconut, bacon bits, pecan, raisin and many many more! I was as usual giddy with excitement.


I knew what I was looking for, what I am always looking for the PERFECT butter tart. I finally sampled one from a vendor from “Heavenly Palate” based out of Ajax. I was intrigued at the taste of the tart. Easy to eat while holding it, the tart didn’t run down my chin. The flavour evoked yummy buttery sweetness that melted in my mouth. Impressive! The sample had impressed me. I eagerly bought some and headed home. The whole time thinking about eating a whole tart to myself!


Once I was home and eating one, I was a little disappointed at the pastry, while it was pretty good, it wasn’t quite flaky enough and there was so much of it. It far outweighed how much tart there was. I prefer a butter tart to have as close to even as possible pastry to tart ratio. Having said that, I did enjoy eating it and they were gone the very same day. Tee hee!!!


I think that there was an abundance of happy people that day, in Enniskillen and many fellow butter tart lovers because I’ve been told that approximately 24, 500 butter tarts were sold that day alone! Amazing! As for me, I am still in search of the best butter tart ever. If you know where that butter tart lives ….let me know.


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