Black Magic

How important are the eyes? How does the old saying go? “The eyes are the windows to your soul”. So, while that may be true, eyes are the first thing I notice about someone. Are you making eye contact with me? If you’re a female, I’m checking out your eye makeup. Eye makeup and the way you apply it, tells me a lot about you. Eye make up goes back in my life to when I was thirteen years old and sneaking to school and applying oodles of eyeliner and blue and pink eye shadow before class. *shudder* what were we thinking back then? Fortunately, I have matured in my outlook and learned the simplicity and importance of application of proper eye liners. Finding what I really want is another story. My requirements of a good eyeliner:

  • Good pigmentation
  • Not tested on animals
  • Gentle enough for contact lens wearers
  • Gentle enough for sensitive eyes
  • Long lasting power
  • Trouble-free application
  • Fair price point
  • Waterproof

Finding all of this in an eye liner has been challenging for me, so when the Motives Cosmetics rep met with me again and held up “Black Magic” I was doubtful.  But I won’t lie I was intrigued looking at it. Why? Well there was a lot of product. I loved seeing that, it wasn’t going to be a case of a little pencil and that’s all. The pencil was an excellent size. It also had an unusual twist tip that I would never have to sharpen! Whooo hooo! A huge plus already. My Motives Rep went on to show me the very cool built in smudger located at the other end of the pencil for easy blending. And she happily told me that the product was not tested on animals. I hadn’t even tried it yet and the check marks were adding up!


I chose a Friday to test out the black magic eyeliner, I did this because I knew I would have a busy day and I had plans to be out for the evening as well. Around 10am I carefully applied the eyeliner and I was pretty impressed with the stable and precise tip of the pencil that let me use the eyeliner how I wanted it, I even experimented with a thin line and a thicker line, with wings and with no wings. The pencil followed me with great degree and precision. Awesome and easy application!  Easy because it went on in a single creamy stroke. The colour was beautiful! Fantastic pigmentation, no need to go over my eye more then once! Impressive! I was nervous that it may burn or my eyes may water because I wear contact lenses and I have super sensitive eyes. I hung around the house waiting for some type of reaction to occur, just in case. Nothing happened. My eyes looked great and my contacts were happy as well as my eyeballs.


Throughout my day I looked in the mirror a few times and happily noticed that there was no transfer of colour to my upper eyelids, which often gives me a reverse type of raccoon eye. Nor was there anything at the bottom of my eyelids for the dreaded panda eye look. Everything was in place and looking great.

Hubby and I headed downtown for dinner that night and my eyeliner still looked awesome. At dinner, I ended up ordering a super Spicy Caesar that had me sniffling and my eyes watering, I was afraid to look in the mirror after dinner. When I did I happily noticed that only a small amount had faded at the top of my lid and it looked like it was more due to the time I was wearing if for, instead of all the sniffling and runny eyes I had suffered with my Spicy Caesar.  Not bad for close to 8 hours which would ordinarily be my whole day.


When I got home, my eyeliner was easy to remove with eye makeup remover, no need to scrub, it came off with a cotton pad.

Motives Black Magic waterproof eye pencil was sealing the deal for me as it fulfilled all the checkmarks to me for an eye pencil. I am without a doubt a tough customer when it comes to eyeliners, mainly because I have many needs that it needs to fulfill.

I highly recommend this eyeliner and it has become a part of my daily makeup routine. Don ‘t close your eyes to this one, give it a try.

 Priced fairly at:

$17.95 US

$24.23 CAD


Black Magic

Dark Chocolate



By clicking the link and ordering your Motives Eyeliner you will receive 2% cash back on your purchase, detailed cash back information can be found on the Motives web site.


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