Sorry not Sorry

Recently I met up for coffee with a rep from Motives Cosmetics. She held up a tube of gorgeous lip colour and laughed at how speechless I was. If you know me at all, this is a rare occurrence. I was beyond excited!

Let me back up a bit, Motives Cosmetics began in 2008 by Loren Ridinger. The company prides itself on quality and front-line technology. Motives is one of the world leaders in the cosmetics industry and a glance at their Instagram page will show you that that their cosmetics are worn by numerous celebrities and is a go to line of products for photographers, makeup artists and models. And…I get it! Wow!

I love matte lip colour and often struggle to find colours that feel good, look good, are priced well and above all LAST on my lips. I need staying power! This awesome colour is actually called Sorry Not Sorry and is a beautiful cross between orange and red and comes from their specific line called Maven Mattes.


The design of the tube is user friendly, and easy to slip into your makeup bag for portability. I decided to try out this colour on a very busy errand filled Saturday, a day that I knew re applying lip colour would not be an option. The applicator was amazing to use, rounded tip and slightly bendable. This is a big plus for me because I rarely use lip liners. The manoeuvrability of the brush allowed me to apply the colour flawlessly to the shape of my lips.


The colour went on creamy and smooth, I worried about drying time and wondered if it would end up as the matte finish I wanted. It dried quickly and looked stunning on!! I was so impressed and began my busy day at 11am.

During the course of the day, I ran into my young nephews and kissed them both, happily noticing that there was minimal transfer of colour to their little faces. I had lunch and met a friend for coffee, noticing as well minimal transfer to my utensils and coffee cup. I glanced in the mirror at one point and happily saw that I sill had on a fair amount of colour. I was astounded, rarely do I have this kind of luck.

Finally, my day wrapped up with me shopping at Costco and having to deal with countless food samples that magically kept jumping in my mouth. Surely by the time I got home my beautiful matte will be gone.

When I arrived home, I checked in the mirror and noticed that my lip colour was STILL on. Not as perfectly applied of course as it had been in the morning, but well enough that I had colour and there was no need to reapply until perhaps later in the evening. I was very impressed with this product.


A quick glance at the website will actually tell you that it may have to be reapplied. I liked reading that, a cosmetic company that does not mislead you. However, in my case I did not require a reapplication.

Considering that perhaps I had beginners luck, I continued to make Sorry Not Sorry part of my makeup regime for the next few days. It looked amazing and stayed on consistently. Even better were the compliments I was receiving. Fantastic matte line and fantastic colour.

Priced fairly at:

$21.95 US

$29.63 CAD




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