Canada…I’m glad we met!

It’s often around significant birthdays, that people will share with the individual celebrating special memories and important events that they shared. So, as you celebrate your 150th birthday Canada, I think it’s a perfect time to remind you of how we met and yessss how very much you mean to me.

We first met when I was an infant. So, the beginning of our relationship has been told to me by my parents.


The 1960’s was a time of much change and movement as people looked to immigrate to different countries.  I was born in Guyana, South America.  My parents considered moving to a different country to give better opportunities to their children. A pretty big decision for my parents indeed as they would be leaving their respective families behind.

I asked my Father about this recently and he said in those days there was choice as to where they could immigrate. They considered Canada, England and the United States. They ruled out England due to the weather and no offence, but that type of climate is definitely not my cup of tea! HA HA! Therefore, I’m pretty glad they decided against England. The United States was ruled out because the 60’s was extremely turbulent times. Fast forward 2017, there is still turbulent times and political unrest in the United States. Smart thinking Mom and Dad!  Hence, Canada you remained standing proud and tall and without hesitation my parents chose you, and you welcomed us with open arms.


We arrived in Canada on a cold and snowy day in February. Looking out the window of the plane my parents told me that they were deceived by the sunny clear skies and lack of snow and immediately assumed that the weather may not be so bad. They were very wrong!


We adapted quickly and were warmed by the friendly people in Toronto.  Cold winters were no longer a surprise, I grew up skating, skiing and snow shoeing. We loved the changing seasons and the celebrations of all different religions. A true melting pot of culture.


So on this your big birthday Canada,  I’d like to thank you for giving me:

  • A Country that welcomes and respects immigrants, because without that, I would not be here.
  •   A Country that allows us all to happily coexist with each other, regardless of what country we are from. Without that, I would not have made lifetime friends who come from so many different countries, India, Japan, China, Thailand, Greece, Lebanon, Africa just to name a few!  For that, I thank you Canada.
  • Safety and respect. I have always felt safe in Canada, whether I am downtown Toronto, in the Muskokas, British Columbia, Ottawa or anywhere.
  • A beautiful Country from coast to coast, mountains, lakes, forests, valleys, endless lakes and beautiful scenery beyond belief. None of this beauty has been lost on me.
  • Freedom! To be who I want to be, say what I want to say and well – write what I want to say!
  • My sisters, my children, my nephews who were all born here.
  • My parents who made a pretty damn good choice in choosing you Canada.

Happy 150th Birthday. You are…simply the best!








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