Self Care – Why massage therapy matters

Over the last few months, I have blogged about the members of my self care team who help me feel and look good on a regular basis. The pedicures, manicures, hair styling and hair removal experts that I enjoy visiting and who mean the world to me.

This is my second to last blog in my series on self care and it’s a very important one. While this aspect of self care is not aesthetically visible, the mental and physical benefits make a complete difference to me.


Massage therapy dates back thousands of years and involves working on the body with pressure. Without a doubt, I am a massage therapy groupie and I have been for as long as I can remember! While on vacations I always make it a point to seek out a massage to complete the relaxation experience.  It’s always enjoyable and soooo very relaxing.

In my late 30’s I soon started noticing the physical and mental benefits of a massage, as well as the type of massage I liked and the sort of therapists I preferred. My interest in massage therapy seemed to indicate that I needed a therapist on a regular basis. I began the search for this individual. At the risk of sounding extremely picky (okay maybe I am) I met nice therapists, but there were things that I realized were also quite important to me.

I wanted a spotless environment that was close to home, a friendly and welcoming professional atmosphere from front desk that extended to the treatment room. Of utmost importance was the need for a therapist who didn’t talk too much (I really don’t want to hear how much you loathe your mother-in-law). I wanted a place that offered current equipment and knowledgeable staff,  as well as a qualified RMT (registered massage therapist ) and of course a great massage!

Just when it seemed I was never going to find this person, on a recommendation I made an appointment with Sara at Brooklin Massage Therapy. On a winter’s day in early 2005, I went off to meet yet another massage therapist.


Sara greeted me with a bright smile and was thorough in her discussion with me in terms of my needs, muscles, aches pains etc. And at the ripe old age of 38 at the time, there wasn’t that much. Ahhhh the good old days. That day I had the best massage ever. I finally found who I was looking for!


Twelve years later, Sara is still my massage therapist and I see her regularly. I recommend her all the time and I know I do this with the risk that getting an appointment will be tough. But, hey that’s how it is with good people right? Share I must!

Over the past decade and some, Sara has worked with me in dealing with injuries (torn hamstring), migraines and arthritis. While I “whoa is me” to her about the ‘arthritis monster’ she remains positive and upbeat.

Massage therapy is such an essential part of my self care; my body feels relaxed and brand new. At the end of every appointment Sara always asks me how I feel. The surprising thing? She really wants to know and it’s never a passing or routine question. Her genuine interest and care always makes me happy.

Don’t get me wrong I still book appointments for massages and/or body treatments while away on vacation. I also receive the odd gift certificate for a massage at other places. However, nothing compares to Sara! She is my person for massage therapy. I’m hopeful she doesn’t mind massaging me into my golden years, because for me there is no one else.


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