Friday Fave- Island Mix’s Spicy Shrimp

Some like it spicy and some like it hot! Then there is the Hubby and I, we like it both spicy and hot! Island Mix Restaurant and Lounge in Pickering Ontario is a regular haunt for the us. Most Fridays will often find us there, eating and listening to live steel band music.


One of my favourite appetizers that we like to begin with is the pepper shrimp. The best way to explain this delectable mouth watering spicy delicious food is to describe it right from the menu:

“lightly dusted jumbo shrimp deep fried, then gently sautéed with onions and scotch bonnet peppers. Garnished with fresh steamed broccoli. “

The bold zingy tantalizing hotness of the shrimp is so enjoyably spicy it gives you a new appreciation of the words to the famous calypso “feeling hot! Hot! Hot!” sniffling and sweating it’s impossible to stop eating!


The yummy steamed broccoli that is served with it is a welcome retreat in between bites, but I can guarantee as soon as you finish consuming one platter of this spicy shrimp platter, you will be motioning to your waiter to bring you another one.




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