Friday Fave – Dark and Stormy

The other night I was out for dinner and one of the drink specials was a Dark n’ Stormy. I will admit that the name peaked my curiosity. Our server explained that it contained, ginger beer, spiced rum and bitters. While I am not typically a rum drinker, I was curious to give it a try. Well!!! Yeee hawwww! I found my summer drink!

Research tells me that it is the national drink of Bermuda and is popular among the sailing community. By adding the rum on top of the ginger beer it will float creating a dark layer (the rum) and a stormy layer (the ginger beer) Hence the name! Get it? All I know is, I feel far from dark and stormy after a few of these easy to make drinks. Check out the recipe: Oh….and you’re welcome xoxx

Dark and Stormy Recipe

Prep time: 5 min/Servings: 1 drink

2 oz. dark spiced rum (preferably Goslings black seal rum)

4 oz. ginger beer

3 dashes bitters

Lime wedge

Fill a highball with ice and add ginger beer. Gently top with rum and bitters. Garnish with lime wedge.




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