National Chocolate Chip Day

A sweet tiny morsel of heaven exists in most of our pantries. Let’s face it, the chocolate chip is a thing of decadence. So deserving of recognition is this delicious ingredient that an entire day has been set aside for it! Today (May 15th) is national chocolate chip day.

The chocolate chip has long since brought a wonderful oomph to desserts. I personally have been known to open a bag and pour the scintillating goodness right into my mouth while standing at the pantry, I am instantly happy. It’s an immediate pick me up on busy days.


Chocolate chips exist in a large number or chocolate chop cookie recipes. In addition, they have graced many a banana bread, muffin and pancake.

Whitby has many breakfast places that serve yummy chocolate chip pancakes. But, without a doubt Sunfire is the best place for this type of decadence. Located on Thickson and Baldwin in Whitby. Sunfire serves up many delicious break fast items but today it was necessary to stop by and celebrate national chocolate chip day by indulging in chocolate chip pancakes!

My order arrived at our table, piping hot were three pancakes drizzled in chocolate sauce with many visible chocolate chips.  Of course, it was necessary to add a dollop of butter and drizzle with maple syrup.  Each bite was a combination of mouth-watering tasty sweet goodness.


Honour this amazing day and toss chocolate chips in anything, yogurt, popcorn, ice cream! Anything goes, who knows what you may discover!




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