Celebrate every MOMent

Mother’s Day has been celebrated since 1908 and phone companies will tell you that it is the busiest day of the year! Believe it or not the phones are buzzing more on Mother’s Day than even on Christmas. Malls are busy, card stores are full of people crowded around the “Mother’s Day” section and florists can tell you that aside from Valentines Day, this is the day that they are most run off their feet.


Why is this? For most of us, Mom represents many things. How often have you said to yourself “I’ll call Mom and ask her” or “Let me check on Mom” or “Better return Mom’s call” or even “I sure wish I could call Mom…” Whatever the case, she has often been our first thoughts, when we want to share good news, when we have had a bad day or when we are desperate for advice. At the age of 50, I still call my Mom if I need to bounce something off her, or complain about something. She listens and provides advice when needed. It’s always reassuring if I am mad at something or someone, I’ll call Mom and she will be mad too! Ha!! Ha!! I guess the bottom line is Mom is always with us, in person if we are still fortunate to have her, a voice on the end of the line if she lives far away, or in our hearts if she has passed on.

Celebrating Mom who lives far away

My good friend Nasim’s Mom lives on the other side of the Country. I recently asked her how she celebrates her Mom on this day. She told me that she recently just came back from visiting her Mom and her gift to her was a combination of several things. She helped her Mom, organize her home and free her from so many of the things Moms like to keep! While we all know that things and stuff can accumulate with our Moms, some of this “stuff” is important to them. Sim saw it as an opportunity to explain to her Mom why she didn’t need all the things she had kept over the years. She also gifted her Mom with a beautiful protection pendant that she ordered from Turkey.


Celebrating Mom who is no longer with us

I spoke with my own Mom about this. My Grandmother has been gone for 16 years. I asked my Mom about Mother’s Day and her Mom. In the early years after her Mom was gone, she said she found great comfort in celebrating Mother’s Day with her own children and grandchildren. As the years went on, she thinks of her Mom all the time not just on Mother’s Day. Her Mom is still very much alive in her memories. On Mother’s Day, she tends to go back in her memories of her even more so, she remembers her Mom as a one in a million. A Mom who always looked amazing for her age, that she was often mistaken for a sibling! She was a sweet, quiet, gracious woman, but an effective disciplinarian. My Mom’s Father travelled a lot for work so she was on her own quite often and managed to raise 5 obedient daughters and 1 strong willed son. Personally, I think that is a heck of an accomplishment! My Mom quietly said to me “Honestly, she had a million-dollar smile, and she was the greatest Mother ever…”


Celebrating Mom who is with us

I chatted with a few of my good friends and reflected on my own celebrations as a Mom and as a daughter. Many friends, enjoy taking their Mothers out for brunch or dinner. Some know that their Mom loves to just hang out and they spend the day with her. At my home, we have a joint celebration with my Sisters and my Mom. A BBQ with the men and kids helping out!

For me, everyday is Mother’s Day. The minute I see my kids I light up inside and out, they have an incredible ability to lift my mood, or make it even better. I know it’s because I am their Mom, but honestly the room just lights up when they walk in. I kiss them every chance I get, and I delight in the fact that I know they love it. I’m hopeful that someday if time and distance separate us, they will still feel and remember my kisses and love.

This year my Mother’s Day Celebration begins early, with my daughter taking me to a fancy tea. I feel spoiled and honestly surprised that I am worth this extra attention. As a Mom we always question did we do a respectable job in raising our kids? Did we provide the best answers and advice when needed? (I actually provide it whether they need it or not 😊) I think yes!  While being a Mom is a rewarding role, it is also a challenging positon to hold. Our kids are not born clutching a handbook of instructions on what to do. There is no training for the job and we don’t quit and move on to another role if we so desire.

So, on Mother’s Day, my best wishes go out to all the great Moms, single Moms, Step-moms, Aunts. Sisters and Dads who are  holding the role of Mom. You’re doing an excellent job, it’s one of the hardest jobs out there.

Have a fabulous Mother’s Day. I salute all of you


2 thoughts on “Celebrate every MOMent

  1. Well said. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. As fr granny she set the rxample for all of us. She unwittingly wrote the regulations for being a great mom. And even today what she taught us is very relevant. Happy Mothers Day.

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