Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Let’s face it, most Mom’s put their family first and don’t even bother purchasing the things that they would really like to get for themselves. Consider this when you are shopping for your Mom this Mother’s Day.  She may tell you don’t worry about a gift, that’s not true. Trust me she would love a gift! While there are many types of Moms out there in terms of what they may like,  I have tried to capture a few categories to give you a hand. Happy Shopping!

Athletic Mom

Below is a list of gift ideas for the Mom, who is all about the gym, yoga class or avid walker!


A yoga mat

A new gym bag

Work out clothes (No one can ever have enough work out clothes, trust me Mom will appreciate this)

Re usable Water bottle


Pampered Mom

There are Moms who love to spoil themselves and they should!  Here is a list that you can use to help you choose a gift idea to keep this type of  Mom happy.

Gift Certificate to a Spa

Fancy silk pyjamas


Bath bombs, gels, body sprays, lotions and creams



Bookworm Mom

If your Mom is an avid reader there is so much that you can give her!

Books (this may require some research on your part, you will have to see what is on her list of books to read)

Gift Certificate to the book store


Kindle cover

Reading Socks


Social Mom

Gift Certificate to her favourite restaurant

Gift Certificate for a night at the movies

Tickets to a play

Gift Certificate to a cooking class

Wine Tour- Plan a day to either take your mom or arrange for someone to take her on a wine tour. While I have been to the California Vineyards, our Niagara Vineyards at Niagara on the lake is just as beautiful. Your mom will appreciate the day.


Sentimental Mom

Something you made! A scarf, ceramic, painting anything that you made Mom will love!

A framed pic of you and Mom

Scrapbook- Suggested Titles, All about Mom or What I love about Mom

Photo Album of all your favourite moments with Mom

A home-made book that tells a story about your mom- With all the software available, putting together a small book like this is a lot easier then it sounds!



These guides will hopefully give you something to start with, if it happens that your Mom is part of each of these categories…well Good Luck and spoil the lady rotten. She will always be there for you xoxx


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