The Face Off Cloth

For me, removing makeup has always been a bit of a challenge. What should I use? Will it remove everything? What’s good for my skin? After a long day, all I want is a quick and effortless way to effectively remove every last inch of my carefully applied makeup. What would be best to use? Makeup wipes? Pre-cleanses that are followed by actual cleansers? One morning while I was watching the Marilyn Dennis Show, I saw a really cool product that looked like it could be the answer- The Face Off Cloth. Environmentally friendly, chemical free, budget friendly and effective! Check out my review on The Face Off cloth.


What is the Face Off Cloth?

Once wet, this magical cloth will remove all your makeup.  What makes it unique is that it is reusable and chemical free. The cloth itself is soft and white and has a cotton loop at the end for hanging up in the shower or towel hook.


Natural reusable micro fibre



After a busy day, I was eager to try out this product to see if it would effectively remove all my makeup. The box that the cloth comes in is very attractive. It’s pink and black with a cute little see-through window which allows you to see and feel the cloth. Instructions and all information is written on the back of the box in perfectly legible font. This is always something I assess and I was happy that the directions were easy to read and follow.


I wet the cloth and used no other facial cleaning products with it, as directed on the box. Once wet, the cloth was soft and easy to use. I was happy when I saw it remove all my foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. All my make up was now on the cloth.  Even though it was clearly advertised as a successful makeup remover I was still surprised and excited. It was amazing. I washed out the cloth just using warm water and I was happy to see all of my makeup wash off the cloth. Just to be sure, I applied some of my cleanser, washed my face using the cloth and checked to see if any makeup was on the cloth. Nothing! This is a wonderful one step solution to my makeup removal needs.


Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved using the Face Off Cloth. I enjoyed the simplicity of removing my makeup by just using the warm cloth. Having a cloth that dries quickly and is portable is a great solution instead of having to use a makeup removal wipe that dries out quickly. I am looking forward to taking it with me to the gym, it will reduce the load in my gym bag as I will no longer need to take any of my cleansers.


The Face Off Cloth can be purchased online at or at any Bay Stores at $14.99 ea.

Disclosure- The Face Off Cloth was sent to me in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.




8 thoughts on “The Face Off Cloth

    1. Hi Daralynn,
      Great question! It’s definitely softer and smaller. It doesn’t have the overall appearance of just a cloth. It feels amazing on the face and does an wonderful job in a gentle way.
      Hope this helps 🙂


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