Casual Style At Any Age

During a recent coffee date with a friend of mine, she asked me where I shopped. She confided that she found it challenging to find “age appropriate” casual clothes. She indicated that suits and jackets were easy to find, but casual clothes were a challenge. She really liked all my casual clothes, but since turning 50 recently she couldn’t find a comfort zone.


I know that many 50 and 60 something women are offended by the term “age appropriate”. I’m not, I totally understood what my friend meant. There have been many times that I have witnessed a lady wearing something that perhaps would look more suitable on my 23-year-old daughter. Do you know what I mean? Having said that – just because one turns 50 does not mean that one should break out the matronly outfits or suddenly wear mom jeans, when they never did before!

I have heard that there seems to be a lack of stores that sell clothing for the 50 something year old woman. I disagree. There is so much out there! Nice stuff!  No one needs to live in yoga pants and a big top, or jeans and a sweat shirt.


I believe that the issue is, or the actual challenge is that women who are 50 something and beyond just need to find the confidence to wear what they believe suits them. Granted there will be some of us that prefer younger outfits. I think if that is what you want to rock, go for it! But don’t get nervous and revert to plain clothes that you think represents where you should be. Wear what you want! Be who you are!


Personally, I have found that the older I get, I am much more confident in what I wear. I know that this is most likely due to my age, and I have reached a time in my life when I am happily dressing to be comfortable in my own skin and not to impress others.  I’ve made a list for you with the top five places I go to find most of my casual clothes and what I love about each place:

  1. Banana Republic
    I really like that Banana Republic always has an amazing selection of casual and work clothing. So much of what they sell can be mixed and matched with outfits and accessories ranging from scarves, jewellery and purses. I’m a huge fan of their signature logo t-shirts and I pretty much own one in every colour!
  2. Gap
    This is my go to store for all my jeans. I love the comfort and quality of their jeans as well as all the different washes available.
  3. Reitman’s
    I absolutely love love love, Reitman’s! This is the first store I check out when I get to the mall. Here you can find some of the cute stuff, the frilly blouse or off the shoulder top. Anything current and seasonal can be found here. They always keep me in style.
  4. Suzy Shier
    I like to stop off here every occasionally, when I’m looking for the perfect faux fur sweater or a cute lacey top. Suzy Shier tends to have clothing with a bit of a flare.
  5. Winners (off priced Canadian department store)
    Often shopping at Winners can be hit or miss. It is the type of store that digging is involved in. So, I really end up here when I have the time and patience. Lots of times I hit the jackpot and end up finding some great stuff. Most of the clothing I have bought from here have been dresses, pyjamas, cute tops, and footwear. What’s great about Winners is they have unique things and you won’t often find someone else wearing the same thing.


Leave me a comment and let me know where you’re shopping!


2 thoughts on “Casual Style At Any Age

  1. Great topic!!! As a 50’s girl myself…I totally agree with you – there is a confidence I probably gained in my 40s. I think I care just a little less about what others opinions of my clothing are 😉. That being said I too agree that there is SO mucheck out there. I do realize that what fit me in my 20s and 30s just doesn’t fit the same on my new found curves so…I dare NOT wear them . My go to places are Winners/ Marshalls and Zara!!!

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