Nailed it!!!!

My regularly scheduled manicures and pedicures are one of the best parts of my self care regime. I’m a firm believe that well cared for fingernails and toenails are an extension of personal grooming. Keeping them clean and well cared for is a reflection of you. This does not mean that your nails and toes have to be painted and decorated with the latest nail jewels or artistry, but clean and tidy nails are a good indication of your personal health.

Amanda at L’Attitudes in Oshawa Centre has been in charge of my manicures and pedicures for 7 years. Amanda is a very knowledgeable Esthetician and takes enormous pride in her work as well as her client’s happiness. Over the years, I have received numerous compliments about my hands and feet and that is all due to Amanda. While there exists a multitude of nail salons everywhere on almost every corner, I strive for a personal connection with the person who takes care of my hands and feet. It’s not about rushing in and out or an assembly line type of nail care setting I desire. Instead I feel relaxed and pampered when I am in Amanda’s hands – quite literally!


Amanda has 14 years of experience in the esthetics world. Every time I have an appointment with her I am greeted by her warm smile. Her patience is incredible as I am one of those clients who has no idea what colour I want on my toes or nails. Amanda will patiently ask all the right questions: Is there a trip coming up? An event? A specific outfit I need to match with? She will patiently, try colours on me and will never rush my decision. This always shows me what a caring Esthetican she is, I am never told “choose a colour and sit down” instead she guides me.

Her work is exceptional, as time and time again I am impressed with her ability to keep my finger nails on both hands the same length and expertly shaped. Not everyone has this skill! Before Amanda I would often come home with one index finger looking quite different from the other. Amanda will always tell me if my hands or cuticles are too dry or what I should be specifically paying more attention too.

Pedicures with Amanda are quite simply put…outstanding!! Toenails are trimmed and cuticles properly taken care of.   My feet and legs are exfoliated and anything rough on my heels are properly removed. All instruments are clean and sterilized and I never have to fear a blade being used anywhere on my feet like in other salons.  Amanda gently massages lotions into my feet, toes and legs resulting in a very relaxed Maryse!  Let’s face it one of the biggest benefits of having manicures and pedicures for me is the wonderful sense of peace and happiness it brings, sooo good for one’s mental health!


I have referred many people to Amanda over the years and they love being her client. I have family and friends who live in different Countries and when they visit me, they always ask me to book an appointment with Amanda for a manicure and pedicure. She is truly one of a kind and I delight in recommending her to everyone. Am I risking having a hard time getting an appointment with her now that I am telling the world how wonderful she is??? Yes, I am! But you know what? Everyone deserves to have some time with her.


2 thoughts on “Nailed it!!!!

  1. Thank you Maryse for the kind words! It has been my pleasure to pamper you over the years. I’m very grateful for your presence every time you come in as your warm friendly smile always brightens my day and let’s face it we have a lot of laughs during each appointment! So I thank you for your business and are definitely one of my most favorite clients 💜

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