Friday Fave- Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Intense Hydrating Mask

Facial masks are becoming quite a popular beauty item today. The variety out there is mind boggling, with a ton of brands offering masks for every type of skin care need. So, I was pretty excited when I received Yves Rocher’s Hydra Vegetal Intense Hydrating Mask.

Hydration is something that I personally think that all skin types can benefit from. Especially those of us that are lucky enough to live in cold climates! Ha! Ha! Packaged in a simple white tube with baby blue and white accents, I thought that it was simple and clean looking.


Yves Rocher prides itself on not having any of their products tested on animals nor do they contain animal by-products. High five for that! This hydrating mask contains maple sap and blue agave sap from organic farming.


Check out my review below:

  1. Directions – The directions were straightforward. Apply and leave on for 5 minutes and then remove excess with a cotton pad. Kinda had to do a little bit of squinting at the directions on the back. Small font for a 50 something year old even WITH reading glasses on!
  2. Appearance – A nice white clean lotion type of appearance. I had zero hesitation to put it on my face.
  3. Smell – I loved the smell! It has a very clean green type of scent and was very comforting to put on. Often it is a concern when you have to keep a product on your face, how bad will it smell? There were no concerns here as this product smelled nice. I enjoyed keeping it on, I was really happy that the scent was natural and didn’t smell like chemicals.
  4. Texture – The product was smooth and felt very light during application and even after leaving it on for the recommended 5 minutes I was very content with the feeling of it on my face. I was so happy that the texture wasn’t thick and goopy.
  5. Thoughts – After wiping the excess off my face, I was really impressed. It felt like my face received a huge, well deserved drink of water! My skin instantly looked radiant and felt soft and smooth to the touch. It is suggested in the directions to use twice a week. I will definitely be doing that. I absolutely love the way my face felt afterwards. Very impressed with this product!
  6. Price – Currently retailing for $14.25 an excellent value that won’t break the bank!

Rating – 10 /10




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