Easter traditions galore!

It’s amazing how the concept of Easter evolves over the years for most people (including me). I remember thinking of Easter simply as a holiday from school and of chocolate bunnies! My mom would regularly remind us of the meaning of Easter as it is told in the bible. I would listen, but chocolate bunnies and the need to bite off their ears first was prevalent in my mind!

Getting older or maturing I should say, meant that as a Christian I give Easter more thought from a biblical aspect-shared with the chocolate bunnies of course! While raising the kids, Hubby and I combined the joy of the Easter bunny and egg hunting as well as the biblical meaning behind Easter for our children and made them aware of the true meaning of Easter. We attended church as frequently as possible, I’m not going to mislead you though there were years we missed Easter service and yes sometimes even the entire year. Regardless though, Easter was always celebrated at our home in the form of a yummy dinner with extended family.


Today, Easter involves so much more, or so it seems. Maybe I am just more aware of all that this time of year encompasses. Getting older will do that to you!  The beginning of a new season, spring colours and flowers everywhere help to make the season cheery. Added to that, it is the first big holiday that our entire family gets together since Christmas. Honestly speaking, that’s the best part. Being surrounded by the people I love the most makes Easter such a treasured time.

The traditions are a blast! Who waits for Easter Sunday to eat all those yummy solid chocolate eggs wrapped in colourful tinfoil? Not me. I make sure and sample as many as I can in the weeks leading up to Easter!

Of course, there were egg hunts! They would start early on Sunday morning.  It was always interesting to find a missed egg in June in a part of the house!

Another tradition is egg decorating. Over the years decorating eggs has led to so many laughs and every single year I enjoy it more then the year before.  My lack of artistic talent is always on full display!


A final tradition is the delight I feel when my kids ask me to make my hot cross buns in the days leading up to Easter. Mmm…the smell of them baking, cinnamon and raisins and the drizzle of icing…divine.


Traditionally Easter Sunday dinner has always been held at our home. Everyone brings a dish or dessert and after church, the whole family comes over in the mid afternoon. We start with hors d’oeuvres and then buffet style dinner (because our family has grown).  Dessert is always full of yummy food and definitely not a time to worry about calories. The laughing, chatting and of course picture taking makes the occasion even more memorable.

I know as the years go by and the kids get married and begin their own traditions that there will be some changes. What I also know is that the love and beauty of their childhood Easter celebrations will not be forgotten. I look forward to the years ahead and the new traditions that will begin.


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