How is thread a part of my self care?

This is part two of my five part series on self care. In my first part you met my wonderful hairdresser Penny Gordon Moore who does a lovely job of keeping my hair current and beautiful every month. In this second part, have a read on how thread and a talented lady named Bina are a part of my self care every three weeks.


Thread and I have never really had much of a relationship. I can’t sew to save my life! So over 20 years ago when I was told that thread can be used for hair removal I was beyond amused. Really?? Really!!

Threading it seems has a convoluted history. When I researched it, I have found that it first began in India and other sources say it began in the Middle East. Wherever it began is one thing, but the question is WHAT is it?  Threading is the removal of unwanted hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing where one hair is pulled out at a time, a row of hair can be removed using the threading method.


I gave it a try, I was about 30 at the time and allowed a lady to thread my eyebrows. I was convinced I was going to die through the whole procedure. It was painful and I advised everyone I knew that I would rather give birth again then go through another threading experience. YES!! That’s right! At the time I declared I would definitely give birth again instead of being threaded! The process involved either my mom or sister holding my head down so I would be still, my eyes would water and pain would ensue. I was sure that this was a method of torture used somewhere in the world. I couldn’t understand why my mother and sister had no issues with this process. Even a shot of vodka before an appointment didn’t help! Obviously after the second time I announced that this was not for me and reverted to the quick and effortless experience of having my brows waxed. Rrrrip!! Done! Yes thank you.


Fast forward to recent times and I started accompanying my daughter Kaitlin to get her eyebrows threaded by a lady who was recommended to her. Bina works out of her home in a cute and clean salon. Bina is a true professional in what she does. She is confident and knowledgeable. I watched in awe time after time after time as Kaitlin calmly lay on the table and had her eyebrows threaded. No writhing in pain, no blood, no scene similar to the exorcist. Nothing like what I had ever experienced. Interesting… the results spoke for themselves. I would interview her constantly “Did it hurt?” “Did you feel like crying?” Kait always laughed and said, “Mom I never feel a thing” the results always spoke for themselves she always looked beautiful after her appointments.

I mustered up the courage to one day give it a try. Bina immediately made me feel at ease, I was a complete and total mess of nerves.  I was covered in sweat before she even came near me. Bina totally made me feel comfortable and efficiently threaded my brows. I remember cautiously opening my eyes when she said she was done. I scarcely had felt a thing!! She handed me a mirror and I was so impressed! I looked amazing! Seriously I looked hot!


From that day on, I accompanied my daughter for threading at Bina’s. Bina is extremely trustworthy and her studio is spotless. All the things that you want in an Esthetician. She has become an important part of my self care regime. I visit Bina every three weeks for maintenance. She is certified and extremely knowledgeable about not just hair removal but also skin care and makeup. During my visits, she gives me much needed information about foundation or overall skin care.

IMG_4905 (2)

Who knew that I would be getting threaded on a regular basis? Not me! I am so glad that she was recommended to Kaitlin. She is an expert in her field and an essential part of my self care and beauty routine. Sometimes things change for the better! Although I still can’t sew 😊


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