A letter to my younger self

Dear Maryse,

I see you rushing around, hair in ponytail not a strand of grey hair and that youthful face. At 30 you’re busy, trying to keep up with your three-year-old daughter and six-year-old son, maintain the house and be a wife to your awesome Hubby of nine years. You love your little house in Whitby, Ontario. It’s the first home you and your husband have purchased. I know you are secretly dreaming of a bigger one someday.


You’re constantly worrying if your chatty daughter will stop talking long enough when she starts school to actually learn. You are also worrying when your son will stop being such a picky eater. He seems to eat only four or five things and dinner time inadvertently means that you will end up making him something different for him from the rest of the family. Many say don’t do that, he needs to learn to eat the same thing as the family. You can’t do that. You make him something different. You’re just that kind of Mom. He just seems so skinny and you worry…and worry.

You stand in front of the mirror and wonder why you are still so chubby. Hell, it’s been 3 years since Kaitlin was born. You have to stop walking around and saying that you just had a baby! The stretch marks are terrible! Ugh!!!! I know you are considering another diet.


Here’s the thing. Or things I want you to know. It’s now 2017 and you’re 50 years old and married almost 30 years now to the same great guy. I’d like to tell you what to do, but I know you, and you won’t listen. So, I’ll make suggestions.

  1. You are an awesome wife and your husband appreciates you now just like he did 20 years ago, if not more so. So, relax. Life is good for you now and will be good years from now, you’re lucky to have each other.
  2. Your chatty Kaitlin is 23 years old and still chatty, she learned lots in school so much so that she has her Masters in Criminology.
  3. Worrying about Justin being a picky eater is not necessary, you are constantly concerned that he is not getting enough nutrients because he eats five things. He’s now 26 years old, 6’4 and 215lbs. I think he’s okay.
  4. At 50 years of age you are still not at the perfect weight, but you have placed more importance on being physically healthy and you are regularly at the gym, yoga or meditating. The stretch marks didn’t go away despite numerous creams and wraps. You have finally accepted them as a badge of honour. You are proud of them.

Maryse, you’re worrying too much. I need you to be more care free and not sweat the small stuff. The house will never be clean enough or you will not catch up on ALL the laundry. Concentrate on relationships, with your husband, kids, parents, sisters and close friends.  These are the things that are the most important in life. This is where happiness lies. Everything will work itself out.

Oh, and the bigger house…you’re in it now. The funny thing is, Hubby and you will probably have to downsize when the kids leave home.


4 thoughts on “A letter to my younger self

  1. You are one amazing person………I vaguely remember the only time we met and for a very short time……but fb has done woders with our relationship … I feel I have know you for such a long time and most of all I have grown very fond of you.

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    1. Thank you so much!! Your words are too kind. I remember meeting you too, it was brief but I remember your grace and friendliness. Looking forward to seeing you again. xoxx


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