20 Random Facts About Me

I know this is what you have been waiting for. The most scintillating reading you will do is right here… the excitement is palpable.  Twenty Random Facts About Me:


  1. I am the oldest of three girls (I don’t hesitate to pull rank when necessary).
  2. I helped name my younger sisters (Marcia laments about this on a daily basis).
  3. I married my high school sweetheart (Although we didn’t go to the same high school).
  4. I am absolutely terrified of frogs.
  5. I can’t swim (way too scared of water).
  6. I’m a neat freak, really neat…
  7. I have never been hungover in my life (close friends do not take this as a challenge).
  8. I hate the taste of beer.
  9. I once kissed Corey Hart (on the cheek only.. sigh).
  10. I am at complete peace at the beach in the south on an island anywhere.
  11. I’m a new student to meditation and I’m loving it.
  12. I hate wearing socks and have been known to go without whenever humanly possible and just keep an emergency pair in my purse.
  13. I love wine (all the colours available).
  14. I love fresh flowers,
  15. I have fleecy zebra pants I wear to cheer myself up when needed.
  16. I will not eat pink starbursts ever.
  17. I’m a Starbucks junkie.
  18. I have a degree in Political Science and a degree in Adult Education.
  19. Apple Cinnamon is my favourite scented candle.
  20. I love jazz music.

There you are! Please message me some random facts about you. I’d love to hear


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