Self Care and Fantastic Hair

There is hope after yeeeears and yeeears of the “Mom” ponytail. The time spent raising my kids would often consist of me hurriedly throwing my hair into a ponytail with whatever scrunchie I could find. Hair care was not something that was front and centre in my life. Washing and conditioning was the best treatment my hair ever received. In fact, I can remember when I went years without even a trim! There just wasn’t time and it was low on my priority list. If my wild curly hair was clean that’s all I aimed for, it would be swept up into a ponytail.

Today, I have the time – or should I say, I make the time. Penny Gordon Moore is one of the owners of Moxie Salon in Whitby and was referred to me by a close friend. At the time, I was searching for excellent quality and fast work. Sounds almost impossible to get in one person, right? WRONG. She is all that!


I will admit to being the Queen of last minute frantic texts to Penny looking for an appointment. She always calmly makes room for me. This is the kinda love one needs from their trusted hairdresser. At the salon, the comfy chairs and pretty décor add an element of relaxation. Penny’s hilarious attitude and bright smile puts you at ease immediately. As an added bonus, she is a wine connoisseur so it’s safe to say that’s the majority of what our conversations centre around!

Penny always keeps me educated on hair care and products to help tame my wild curly hair. I often used to feel that curly hair was just a curse and all I could do was pour an obscene amount of product on it, cross my fingers and run out the door. Penny showed me which cuts suited my curly hair and aided in recommending affordable products to subdue my frizzies. She discusses vitamins and supplements on a regular basis and is always full of information that someone my age needs to know about self care.


Years ago, when I first met Penny, grey hair was never a concern for me (oh those were the days!) Instead, we would focus on streaks, highlights, low lights and all kinds of fun projects. THEN – the damn grey started showing up. Safe to say, I was concerned entering this phase of my life. Penny is very knowledgeable and put me at ease by transforming me every 4-5 weeks from a tired grey haired lady to a current fresh looking 50-year-old. If I ever feel like adding a bit of technicolour to my tresses she does it and she does it good!

I asked Penny recently about self care for women and she told me that the bulk of her clientele consists of men and women ages 30 and up. She told me that often the need for self care is important to women specifically, women come from all over to get their hair done by her. Some weekly, bi-weekly or every few weeks like myself. A good haircut or colour can literally transform a person, inside and out. No kidding, I can attest to that. I am so appreciative to this beautiful lady for making me feel like a million bucks after I step out of her salon.

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