Friday Fave- Book Review- Who Says You Can’t, You Do.

Title: Who Says You Can’t? You Do

Author: Daniel Chidiac

Published: 2012

Publisher: DC Group

I often stumbled on a quote or two from this book on Instagram or on Facebook. The quotes were always unusual and would get my attention. I was always intrigued. It didn’t sound like your typical self-help book that I thought would bore the daylights out of me. Instead it sounded real. I will admit that I began reading this book with elevated expectations and they were fulfilled.

Premise/Plot: This is an excellent self-help book that gives the reader the opportunity to take a close look at their life. This book deals with the concept that people are often living lives that they do not find enjoyment or fulfillment in. Daniel Chidiac includes a personal contract in the book that encourages the reader to commit to a life that they deserve. He also expertly weaves in numerous work pages to reinforce content and aid in helping the reader examine their life. His words encourage the reader to examine their life and redirect energy in a positive way. Throughout the book Chidiac inspires the reader to focus on the fulfilling life they desire. Even simple tasks such as using positive verbal action is highlighted in the book with an abundance of examples.

My Thoughts: This was a fabulous book! I immediately put into practice some of the exercises as soon as I started reading the book. Chidiac knows what he is talking about! I appreciated the background on his life that he included in the book. It gave me a sense of connection to the author and made the content relatable. Discovering yourself, finding positive energy and using it was a constant theme throughout the book. I will say that this is a “heavy read,” meaning that I would recommend that you read all of it slowly, highlighting or making notes as you go along. Focus all your attention and energy on the book and put into action Chidiac’s suggestions. An amazing and enlightening read, let me know what you think!

Favourite Quote: “We can have all the knowledge in the world, have ten university degrees, travelled the globe, or know how to speak five different languages, but if we don’t have true knowledge of ourselves, we will never create the life we want.” *emphasis added

Rating: 4/5 stars


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