The Return of Personal Time

I remember the crazy busy years of raising our two children. I was lucky enough to be a hands-on full time mom. My husband is an amazing man and saw the importance of me being around for the kids as they grew up.


It didn’t come without sacrifices and we were content to give up the things that two incomes afforded. I volunteered at their school regularly, hosted play dates at our house, attended class trips, and as they grew older I was there for every basketball, volleyball, soccer game and music night. I never missed track and field events, or karate practice. I happily attended tournaments and cheered them on from the sidelines. Above all I cherished my time to just listen to them.


I am so grateful for the time I was given to watch them grow up and become the wonderfully smart and sensitive adults they are today.

Memories come flooding back as I watch both my sisters raise their sons. The boys keep my sisters busy and tired and sometimes questioning if they are doing things right.  I know they yearn for more personal time and I remind them to enjoy the years as they honestly go by too quickly. I’m hoping that my words can reach all of you young mothers who are constantly battling ear infections, or feelings of failure with potty training. Your kids will turn out great and you will get some of your personal time back sooner than you know.


Now is when you may be asking, where is it that I am going with all of this? As a young mom, I scarcely had time for myself, between wiping runny noses or making lunches (not at the same time) I could be found disinfecting and cleaning up after a sick child or wiping tears if someone had a bad band or sports practice. Personal grooming at this time consisted of a 5-minute shower and IF no one was shouting my name, I quickly threw on body lotion. I left the house always with clean trimmed plain nails, lipstick and pencil eyeliner.

At times, I would remember my old life of business suits, my staff, polished nails and expertly applied makeup. Did I miss those days? No way, I knew the kids would grow up and I would again have the chance to take a closer look at myself.

Fast forward to now, our children are adults, and my husband and I are still cheering them on from the sidelines as now they tackle the tough stuff called…life. I now have an abundance of free time. I can turn my attention back to me again. I began looking after myself again and would focus on proper all over skin care and my health. Facials, body scrubs, manicures and pedicures take centre stage. It became an exciting time when I could share these experiences with my daughter. Together we head to the gym, the hair salon and the esthetician. I knew I had set a good example for her.


Now at the age of almost 51. It’s even more important to look after yourself – health and personal grooming (threading, waxing, hair, manicures, pedicures, massages and facials). I’m lucky to have an incredibly wicked team of people who keep me, healthy, happy and beautiful on a regular basis. I would be nothing without them, I am so grateful.

Over the next few blogs I’d like to share how each member of this team takes the time to educate me on my own health and beauty. They are amazing and gifted in each of their own ways. I am the luckiest lady alive.

Stay with me.


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