Oh Crystal Ball….What do you see?

At 50 years of age, I am willing to try almost anything. New experiences, new food, new people and new entertainment. There’s something about growing older that has made me more adventurous.  So, when two girlfriends asked me if I’d be interested in visiting a highly-recommended psychic medium, I thought “Hmm…”

“A psychic medium!! You know, like Theresa Caputo?!” they excitedly said. “Do you know they communicate with the dead?”

Now, I’m an avid watcher of Theresa Caputo’s TV show, Long Island Medium… I even met her once at a book signing! While the show is interesting and entertaining, I can’t help but be a little skeptic. I mean…are there really people who can communicate with those that have passed on? My curiosity was piqued and I agreed to meet the medium.

When the day of our appointment came, we drove out 40 minutes west of the city in heavy rain. The gray day seemed to provide the atmosphere for our upcoming sessions.


I thought about who would want to talk to me from beyond. More importantly, could they really talk to me through this medium? We happily chatted on our drive there about all the possibilities, all the while reminding each other that this whole experience should be taken as entertainment. If anything, it was a night out for the gals.

The girls voted that I go first.

The medium conducted the readings in her basement. The first thing I noticed was that the basement was dimly lit with numerous candles spaced about. There were little angel and Buddha statues. It was definitely the type of atmosphere I pictured – it looked like something out of the movies… a medium’s lair, if you will!


The medium warmly greeted me and told me her name as well as a little bit about herself. She explained that she would give me a CD of my session to listen to at my own leisure. She asked me if I needed water or tea. I declined – I was far too excited and ready to get the session started!

She began by using a notepad to write down the information she was “receiving”. It was indeed intriguing. There were quite a few specific things the medium told me that she could not have possibly known. Her messages from “the other side” contained specifics that only the person she said was speaking to her could have known.


Was she truly a gifted lady capable of speaking to those who have passed on? I don’t know the answer.

What I do know is that I surprisingly felt very comfortable through the whole session and enjoyed talking with her. My scheduled session for one hour went to 1 hour 45 min – the time just flew.

It was exciting to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Would I go again? Hell ya! Bring on the fun.

But next, hang gliding.

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