International Day of Happiness

March 20th is International Day of Happiness as well as the first day of Spring.  This is amazing! To simply have a day to embrace and encourage happiness universally is fantastic. I love it.


Research has shown me that International Day of Happiness has been around since 2013. To be honest I must have missed all the other International Days of Happiness in previous years or been under a rock! This is the first I have heard of it. There is also the possibility that I am more aware of the concept of happiness as I have made a concerted effort this year to embrace it.


Happiness has been a topic I have been  intrigued with for a while. There exist books on the concept of happiness, stories, mantras, meditations etc. Personally, I even made it a type of promise to myself to appreciate happiness this year.   I’ve chosen to seek out happiness, and avoid those who seem reluctant to embrace it. Stumbling on this day was a bonus for me.

I have witnessed many people who search out happiness in the most curious ways. There exists those that believe that they will be happy if they get married, or have a child or go on a trip. Do these external factors lead to happiness? I think they do, temporarily. But to be honest I believe that long term happiness exists in your mind. You have to choose happiness, this does not mean that you are tricking yourself into believing that you are living in some type of Wizard of Oz setting, or that I am skipping down the street on a daily basis. Life does happen and unhappy events occur. Try not to live in those moments but instead look at what you are grateful for, look at what makes you happy.  As soon as this mindset shifts, happiness enters.


Since the awareness of happiness has been a big part of my year, it has opened doors and I have met new people and appreciated the happy ones who are already in my life. When you look closely these are the people,….happy people that you want to surround yourself with.

The world happiness report says that Norway ranks number one. Some of the factors that have led to this are generosity, honesty and caring.  It seems the Norwegians have figured it out. Canada ranks at seventh place dropping down one spot from sixth place last year. Regardless of this position, embracing happiness circles back to the individual.

Happy International Day of Happiness.




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