International Women’s Day


Annually on March 8th, thousands of events are held around the world to celebrate women. This day is known as International Women’s Day and dates back all the way to the early 20th century and every year it continues to grow and blossom in power and presence. This year more then any other year I can feel the build up towards this day and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because our current political climate with our neighbours to the South has shown an incredible lack of respect towards women, or maybe because I am more aware of my beautiful adult daughter and Women’s Day is taking on an extra layer of meaning to me…so to speak.

Part of me likes and appreciates this day and another part of me is saddened by it. Why do we need a day? Is there an International Men’s Day? No, because they are seemingly always spotlighted and respected and have rights, all of which we women are still fighting for on many levels. Then the logical side of me kicks in and I realize that women need this day to reinforce the need for equality in even some of the most basic things such as education which is denied to many women in different parts of the world. The hashtag this year is #beboldforchange. I love it!  Women must talk about equality and be bold about it.


Sophie Gregoire Trudeau has been bold about it recently and I was impressed. On Tuesday, she shared a picture of herself and her husband, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holding hands on social media. She urged women to post a picture “with their male ally and share it on social media using the hashtag “TomorrowInHand.” She went on to say, “Together we create a movement that inspires more men to join the fight to build a better tomorrow with equal rights and opportunities for everyone…because “equalitymatters.” So, what was the problem? Well immediately women were angered. She was critcized for having her husband in the picture, many tweeted that she was taking the one day of the year set aside for women and making it about men.

So here we go, women arguing with other women over what is the right way to express our need for equality. Criticizing a fellow sister who is doing just what is needed. She is being bold for change and is highlighting the need to inspire more men to be part of the fight for equality for women. What’s wrong with that I ask? Our Prime Minister is a self declared feminist for Pete’s sake! They both are excellent examples.  Men are an important of the equation to help us achieve equality- taking them out of the equation seems to go against the definition of feminism, doesn’t it? This is where change must begin! By getting men to join the fight for equality.  As women, we need to build each other up. Criticizing Sophie Gregoire is counter productive. Go ahead Sophie do your thing!! Being Bold for change means just that. I applaud her, all women and men who stand up for women’s rights and celebrate International Women’s Day. Rock on I say! Rock on! #Beboldforchange.




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