Kiss me Stila!

Lipstick is the most important part of my makeup routine. I never leave the house without it! I’ve been known to go camping or to the gym and still wear lipstick! Puckering up and putting on an awesome colour just completes my outfit, my look and my mood. There is always the challenge of finding the perfect long lasting lip colour. Often when I find it, it’s either too heavy or out of my budget.

Lately I’m in love with Stila which can be purchased from Sephora Cosmetics. Stila has an all-day liquid lipstick line that is absolutely amazing. I’m loving wearing several of their colours! This week I have been all about the gorgeous pink – Aria.


Aria comes in a see-through tube that let’s you see the colour. The brush is appropriately angled for easy application. I love that there is a mild scent to it and it glides on effortlessly. Once applied it has an amazing matte finish that is to die for. It’s perfect and incredibly long lasting. I love that it feels weightless on my lips.

The staying power is amazing with this liquid lipstick. I put it on in the morning and I can go hours until it has to be touched up. I mean – this is quite a victory, am I right ladies?! I’m a known kisser and I love that this liquid lipstick doesn’t leave traces of me behind on the cheeks of my kids or my husband’s lips. I think they are too! Also, there is no lipstick traces on cups or any utensils that I use.

Well done Stila! Thank you for creating something that’s amazingly perfect in all the ways that are important to me.


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