Smash Kitchen

Hubby and I decided that we would have an early Valentine’s dinner, and celebrated this past Saturday night. We headed to Smash Kitchen located in Markham Ontario. We made reservations a few days ago, for 6:30 pm. We were pretty hungry as we headed out to Markham. Read on as I give you my honest review.


We left home a few minutes later then we planned and therefore arrived at 6:35. I was a little worried about this because I am stickler for time and on a Saturday night I really didn’t want to lose our reservations, and I was hungry! The hostess greeted us with a big smile and took our names. Within minutes we were taken to a nice clean table and our hostess poured two glasses of water for us and handed us our menus assuring us our waiter would be with us shortly


A friendly waiter came over promptly and introduced himself. He brought a bottle of water for us and I noticed that this was the case for all the tables. This was an awesome idea as the customer wouldn’t have to chase down a staff member for water nor does a staff member need to remain vigilante about refilling water glasses.  I must say my husband and I were really impressed with the service. Everyone in this restaurant worked as a team. When a customer was finished with a drink, appetizer or main course the empty dish or glass was immediately removed by a staff member. This solid teamwork by this young energetic group was impressive. In addition, they all noticeably got along very well and that made their teamwork even more effective.


The atmosphere at Smash Kitchen is clean, upscale and modern. Flat screen TV’s are on the walls and there were private areas for small groups of parties for private dining.

Drinks: I ordered a smash Caesar and Hubby ordered a Heineken. Drinks arrived at our table quickly and tasted great.



Appetizers: Hubby ordered a Caesar salad and I ordered seafood cakes.  Again, everything arrived quickly to our table. I sampled the Caesar salad and really liked the wonton crisps that were added to it instead of the usual croutons. My seafood cakes were wonderful, they were nice and warm and were a combination of blue crab and black tiger shrimp. I dipped them into the accompanying horseradish aioli and I was in heaven!


Hubby ordered the Lobster Mac and Cheese and I was still in seafood mode, so I ordered the Neptune pizza.  Our food arrived quickly and I sampled Hubby’s lobster mac and cheese. It was hot and cheesy with chunks of lobster scattered throughout the mouth watering cheesy goodness.  My Neptune pizza was absolutely divine. It was coal fired and thin crusted with herb and garlic butter and mozzarella, tiger shrimp, smoked salmon, red onions, capers, arugula and drizzled with balsamic. I could feel Hubby’s eyes on my pizza so I shared with him. One slice.


We decided to share an order of the apple smash 2.0.  The serving size was excellent for two and the apple filling and cinnamon crumble was delicious. It was accompanied by a hearty serving of maple walnut ice cream. I did at times feel that it tasted kind of like oatmeal. I wasn’t sure what it was, maybe perhaps too much cinnamon? When our waiter asked us what we thought, I was honest and he was most appreciative. In fact, he suggested that maybe vanilla ice cream would have been a better choice. I agreed with him that maybe that would have been a better alternative.

I would give this visit a 9/10. Looking forward to returning really soon. Well done Smash Kitchen!

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