Happy Galentines Day!

I have a confession to make. Up until recently I didn’t know what Galentines Day was *hangs head* But!! I’ve been doing some research and to be honest I expected to learn that it was something like a holiday devoted to those who did not have or want significant others. Maybe recent divorcees who want to keep celebrating? Well it’s more then that!

Apparently, it’s a day created by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope on her TV show Parks and Recreations and it’s celebrated every February 13th. This is a day that you celebrate with your best gal friends doing what ever makes you happy. This intrigues me and I have to say I think it’s a great idea! I knew I loved Amy Poehler for a reason!

It’s always awesome to celebrate actual Valentines with your significant other. Don’t get me wrong. Hubby and I will be celebrating our 34th Valentines this year. However, it’s always important to celebrate the friendships that you have with your girlfriends as well. Let’s face it the sisterhood is important. They raise you up, listen to you and sometimes deliver to you hard truths that you need to hear. For this I can say I’m grateful. So, let’s look at someways that we can celebrate Galentines Day this February 13th 2017:


Spa­ – Get your nails done together, or a facial or even a massage. A great way to relax and catch up. There are many spas that will accommodate a few girlfriends at once if you call in advance.

Brunch – Catching up over pancakes and waffles is the perfect way to unwind and chat. There are brunch spots out there that will happily bring out the mimosas as well!


Gym – I have one good friend who would suggest a workout! She would suggest a few hours in the cardio room, a Pilates class and a walk. ALL IN ONE DAY.

Shopping – Maybe a different place then your local big city mall. A drive out to a small town to check out the are is great idea.

Casino- A fun spot anytime! One of my girlfriend’s loves the casino and she is always a lucky charm.

Lunch – Choose wisely and remember that there are soooo many places that now offer half priced bottles of wine at lunch! Yee haaaaa!! Check it out.


Dinner – A potluck at one of the houses would be great. The pressure is off the host and everyone participates. Make it thematic, everyone wears pink and brings pink food or something like that.

Movies – Nothing better then hitting up a chick flick that would have you either sobbing or laughing uncontrollably. Who better to do that with then a close group of girlfriends.


Whatever you choose to do, throw a party or even meet up with a friend for coffee (translation glass of wine). Remember your Gal Friends, this February 13th. No one says you have to get all caught up with the marketing aspect and spend oodles of dollars. But heck if there is a day that reminds us to touch base with the sisterhood. I’m all for it.

Love and Laughter


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