Not just a basketball game

Last week Hubby and I attended a Toronto Raptor’s basketball game. For those of you who don’t know who the Raptors are, besides being the big ole scary dinosaurs on Jurassic Park, they are also our big friendly giants of a basketball team.

In our home, sports are a big deal. We’re avid fans of basketball, hockey, baseball, football, golf, skiing, snowboarding, cycling you name it. So, we make it a regular thing to catch a game or two of basketball at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto – home of the Raptors. At this particular game, I found myself curious as to what draws us as a group of people to professional games? Aside from the obvious that we are fans, what else is it? Truth be known I’m probably questioning everything humans do in the wake of all that is happening in the world today. Questioning it all even in my relatively safe country of Canada.


I looked around curiously at the other fans, beside my husband sat an extremely well put together woman probably in her late 50’s who wore a blinding 4 carat diamond ring (at least 4 carat) beside her sat her husband as equally put together and wearing a gorgeous  Rolex watch. Beside me sat a few millennials nicely dressed, business casual or jeans. In front of me sat a lady in a top that was covered in black cat hair, she had blonde frizzy hair and dark roots that were in a bit of a needed touch up.



Why do I mention these people? For one reason, we were all different in race and status. But we were all there for the same purpose – to enjoy an NBA game. Interestingly enough I ended up connecting with a few of these people throughout the night and as different as they all appeared in wealth and class, they all exhibited friendliness and kindness. The lady with the big ring and I exchanged eye contact and laughed at the silly half time show. The young man beside me asked me to take a pic of him and his friend and thanked me profusely. The lady in front of me turned around and told me she was still in the process of learning the game and asked me what happens for a player to get to a free throw. I noticed she asked me when her husband went to the bathroom. Sometimes us ladies understand! I happily explained the concept of fouls to her. She was grateful and thanked me.


As simple as a sporting event can be, it’s power to bring together those of different nationalities and age is amazing. The evening was awesome and a wonderful distraction from current world affairs. That’s when I realized I had solved the answer to my first question, what draws us to games. Simply, to have a good time and mingle with others that may be different from us. To remind us that… here in Canada. We’re still ok.

National Flag of Canada - Paul Giamou / Aurora / Getty Images

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