Fine local dining at Chatterpaul’s

Always big fans for yummy dining spots – Hubby and I are self declared foodies! We made reservations at one of our local restaurants for January 28th at Chatterpaul’s. Located in Whitby Ontario. Chatterpaul’s has an amazing reputation for excellent service and even better food which is often considered eclectic. We have visited Chatterpaul’s about 4 times before, this would be our first visit on a Saturday night. Their website boasts a Reader’s Choice Award from 2014. The owner can often be found cooking alongside his staff on a Saturday night, which I find pretty cool and rare as far as I am concerned. We advised the hostess before our arrival that night that I am a food blogger. She said she was really happy that I had mentioned that. Read on as I give you my honest review.


Our reservations were booked for 7:30pm. Booked almost a week in advance and confirmed the night before. Upon arrival, we were informed that our table would be ready in a few minutes. Understandable, it was bustling in there obviously on a Saturday night. As time ticked by I was getting a little restless, as the hostess told us they were waiting for patrons to settle up their bill. Finally, we were seated at 7:45pm, not the best start.


While being seated, the waitress asked us if we had any dietary restrictions. We told her we did not eat meat but are avid seafood eaters. A few minutes later our waiter appeared and asked us the same question. We were puzzled with this, but nonetheless advised him. He offered us water and came back to take our drink order. At this point we asked his name. He never introduced himself so we had no idea. We consider that type of simple yet vital piece of information to be important as a starting point between a waiter/waitress and their guests. After we learned our waiter’s name he advised us of the specials but I noticed he never drew our attention to a special menu that was available for Whitbylicious. Whitbylicious is an event that happens once or twice a year and coincides with Toronto’s Winterlicious. It is an opportunity to try different participating restaurants, these restaurants offer a specialized menu for this event.  For the remainder of the evening our waiter was on point and very courteous, he replaced our cutlery and napkins neatly and quickly. He made sure our candle was properly lit and he was consistently polite.


The atmosphere at Chatterpaul’s is modern and clean. The lighting and ambience was on point and very suitable for a Saturday night crowd. I was however, puzzled that at the end of January Christmas decorations were still up.


We both decided to try out the Whitbylicious menu that was on for a limited time and had some very yummy items.


Appetizers: On closer inspection, we were surprised that the two appetizer choices both contained meat.  Interesting I thought because both staff members inquired as to our dietary habits. When the waiter came to take our order, we asked if it were possible to have the mixed seafood stuffed jumbo tiger shrimps with the prosciutto removed. He seemed doubtful and told us as far as he knew no substitutions could be made. I pointed out that it was odd there were no vegetarian friendly appetizers available on this specialty menu. He agreed and went to the General Manager who said they could remove it. We waited quite a while for the appetizer and when our waiter brought it he mentioned that it had to be made especially for us, which is all well and nice but would not have been necessary if there was a viable option available for vegetarians to begin with. We had to wait quite a while. The appetizer was presented nicely and tasted amazing, butterflied shrimp with salmon tucked inside. Nicely flavoured and at an excellent temperature.



We both ordered cod crusted with lobster meat, crab meat and sweet potatoes on pasta and mussels. Our entrée arrived in a timely manner. Presentation was excellent as was the dish itself, fantastic flavouring and it was nice that each spoonful of cod was tender with a hint of sweet potatoes.



The two dessert choices were either Creme Brulee or Chef’s Sweet of the day. Our waiter informed us that the sweet of the day was Apple Crumble. We decided to order one each so we could try them. This was an extremely long wait and at the 20-minute point of waiting we were starting to shuffle uncomfortably in our booth. At this point we had been at the restaurant for 1.5 hr. When our waiter came to see us, he advised us that he was wondering where our dessert was and kept checking on the kitchen regularly. I told my hubby that it was going to be worth the wait! Imagine our disappointment when our waiter finally showed up with the smallest dessert I have ever seen in my entire life. It was a tease and each came in tiny ramekins that held about a tablespoon of dessert. Just when I wanted the meal to be capped off with a dessert that would knock things out of the park. It disappointed. The tablespoon that we tried was very good, but disappointing at the serving size.

I would probably give this visit a 6/10.  A few kinks in the evening.




Live and Love






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