From young mom to older mom…what’s next?

Being in my fifties so far has been pretty interesting, I mean it’s like being a teenager caught between young and old. I have to giggle when I hear it referred to as middle age, Is it really? How many of us really live to 100? As awesome a thought that may be.

Since starting this blog I have obviously found myself all over social media and found it amazing how many women with adult children now are keeping busy! Seems like we all have the same idea. Way to go ladies! I applaud you. I enjoy reading the blogs on fashion, on makeup and on food. All of which tells me that we are women who keep on going long after we have raised the kids.


Often this stage of the game gives us the independence to pursue those hobbies we always found interesting or gives us more of an opportunity to do some self reflecting. What do we want for the next 30-40 years?

I have heard of some sad stories of marriages that collapse at this point. I’ve been told by a few of my friends who are in this situation that sadly, once the common denominator of children is removed. What is left behind is often a lack of love and a change of life that no longer resembles what they started out with. I think that sometimes there may be marriages that run their course and that is not necessarily a bad thing. I say to my fellow sisters if this is you. Now the chance to find happiness is there, seize it!

I feel fortunate that for me this is not an issue. My hubby is definitely the old guy I want to grow old with! I’m blessed that he is patiently walking beside me on the road to those ‘cough’ ‘cough’ menopausal mood swings.  I’ll keep him.

I have talked with women my age that kind of wonder what is their purpose now? What do they do? Is it all about just going to work?  I say why not do the things that you wished you could have done? Think back to when you were busy burping babies and toilet training and think of the time you saw or thought of something and thought, “Wow I’d love to do that someday.” That someday is now. Do it.

Aside from being a 50something lifestyle blogger, I’m really focused on the following:

Fitness: I don’t have anymore excuses for not getting to the gym. No need to rush home and get dinner started. My adult kids, are just that – adults! Often they can be found on a machine right beside me at the gym. How cool is that? I’ve also been using this opportunity to get fit and expand my circle and meet others who are doing the same. It’s rewarding.

eeukggcejzk-eric-barbeau.jpgHealth: I’m trying new healthy recipes and not panicking if one of my kids doesn’t like something I’ve made. They genuinely seem interested in low cal and nutritious food. Gone are the days that they would shriek at the sign of something green in their food. What’s amazing though is that I don’t have this issue as both adult children are health conscious. Busy at they gym and health conscious, it tells me we did steer them right. The information is flowing both ways as we make them aware of family medical histories and they encourage us to eat right and exercise! It’s not easy to sneak Cheetos into the house anymore!

psuweghs_cm-iwona-lach.jpgSkincare/Beauty: This is big! I spend lots of free time staring at the mirror at new found facial lines. Don’t get me wrong, those laugh lines sure are well earned, but my skin is drier and the smooth even colour is well… not so even or smooth anymore. I’m spending time reading skin care blogs and acquiring a solid skin care line. Splurging for regular facials is now a necessity that I love. Makeup! What fun! As a young mom, I stuck to the quick and easy to apply old faithfuls – eyeliner and lipstick. Only recently have I been exploring the benefits of foundation! Oh the things that sucker can cover! As well as having the luxury of more then one lip colour, how cool is that? Keeping the Manis and Pedis going! I deserve it, and that I think is half the battle! Understanding and accepting that we do deserve it and that its okay to put ourselves first.


There is more to this list but I just wanted to give you my top three. Follow along on my blogs regularly and I’ll recount for you some of the things that I’m up too. If you’re in my boat with the adult children and wondering “what next”? There is sooooo much!! I’ll show you.


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