My Cousin my Friend

They say that cousins are you first friends. Since both my parents come from big families I have a lot of cousins.  My cousin Sheryl Ann (Sher) and I are very close. We became fast friends at an early age as my family would holiday in Trinidad and this is where Sher lived. I was a particularly shy child and Sher was not. She was older then me and I was in awe of her. I was drawn to her dynamic and engaging personality and her love of adventure. As the summers passed we got into all kinds of innocent teen aged mischief and adventures that Sher managed to talk me into. Truth be told, I loved every single one of them!


She always had an eye out for something fun to do! We stayed awake at night and would talk for hours and hours. We shared hopes, secrets and dreams. Some of those summers were the best summers of my life. Sher eventually came to Ontario to further her education at University. I was thrilled because it meant I could hang out with my cool, older cousin all the time. I remember the Summer of 1982 when Sher declared one of her ideas. She decided that we would go visit a boy from her class. She was sure I would like him. I told her I was not up for her cupid stuff and really resisted. She insisted and told me that she was sure I would like this guy. In true Sher form, this adventure turned out to be amazing and it hasn’t ended! Sher was right about that guy because later this year we will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary! As the years passed we remained friends but life handed us responsibilities, marriage and kids. Sher encountered a few set backs as she pursued her dreams with her husband. Some of these setbacks may have knocked many of us on our asses and there we would have stayed. I admire my dearest friend and cousin for finding the life that would make her and her family happy. It even meant moving countries a few times and trying out different occupations a few times. Her enigmatic and adventurous personality never kept her down. With the everlasting love and support of her hubby and children, Sher is now a successful lawyer and professor of law in England. I admire her for her determination and courage and never taking no for an answer. England may be far away but we are always in touch and manage to see each other quite regularly. We even joke that we were probably sisters in another life. I honestly do think there may be truth to that. Next week, Sher’s sense of adventure is taking her temporarily a little farther away from me. I’m excited that she will share her next adventure with me through Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp. I wish her happiness and success. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful friend in my cousin Sher. Another part of the world gets to experience Sher and oh how lucky they are.


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