You’ve got a friend in me

Twenty-six years ago, I returned from my four-month maternity leave (yes four months only) to my management job in a financial company. While I had been away the company had acquired a woman by the name of Myrna who was working in another department. Myrna is not someone you meet, instead she is someone who you become aware of quickly. Let me explain… One day I was in another department and became aware of someone laughing, I turned and spotted Myrna. A big smile was plastered on her face. She radiated happiness and made me happy just listening to her talk and laugh. I knew we would be friends.

As time passed, Myrna and I did indeed become friends – very good friends! We talked about our husbands, raising children, people, religion, work, there wasn’t a topic we didn’t discuss. Eventually – we both ended up running departments close to one another. I loved every minute of working with Myrna and as life happens we both ended up leaving this company and going our separate ways. As would be common, this would be the time that friendships would falter and people lose touch. Not so with Myrna and I, this is when we became better friends. This folks… is when I believe that friendships are true, when they transcend time and circumstance and still blossom.

Why do I admire Myrna? Myrna is a successful and well respected employee, a loving mom, wife, sister, aunt, grandmother and a greatly loved friend. She is the type of person who when I need advice she gives it to me straight. There is never any beating around the bush, often she may tell me things I do not want to hear or call me out on actions or behaviours in the most loving way.  Her loyalty as a friend is unfounded. Days, weeks or months may pass and Myrna and I will connect and catch up! Never any demands placed on each other as to “why didn’t you call me?”Myrna is such a humble person when I asked her for a picture, it was really like pulling teeth. But, never one to disappoint. She sent me something and which of course made me giggle hysterically:


The woman also knows everything!!! I have teased her for years about this but, the truth is she is a walking encyclopedia. There has been only one time( quite recently) that Myrna surprised me by not knowing an answer to something. Let me tell you though, she hunted it down and connected with me immediately when she had the answer. Myrna has an incredible ability to keep me calm during some of the most stressful times in my life, her empathy and kindness has kept me company through the phone lines during many a hospital procedure with family members. I can’t thank her enough for being one of my very best friends.


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