With a little help from my friends

When 2017 began, I started thinking about all resolution stuff I was going to blog about, and then abruptly decided that this year that stuff wasn’t important to me. I started to think about all my friendships with the many females in my life. I am fortunate to have many friendships, they range from friendships with my daughter, mother, sisters and cousins and of course my friends. Friendships among women can be very complicated and hard to understand especially from the male perspective.  Women find great solitude in the woman they can call friend. We all have a friend that we know we can call and vent to, get advice from, the shopping buddy, the lunch or dinner friend, or the let’s grab a coffee friend.  The understanding and respect that come with these friendships is enormous and led me to think of the many friends I have that are my age or older that I really admire. Women who hold dear our friendship yet manage to be amazing individuals themselves. Women who conquer the role of mom, wife and friend. There are two women whom I really admire that I would like to share with you over the next day or so. These women have been a big part of my life and have respected and understood the importance of friendship as a two-way street. We have striven to never place demands or burdens on one another and as truth be told I think in all the years I have known both of them I can probably count 2-3 disagreements that we have had. Females and our friends are important, they are a part of who we are. Keep reading as I share these two women who are a part of my tribe and my sister hood. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

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