Taking on the Canadian North

Just because you’re in your fifties doesn’t mean that matronly has to be your middle name. Your style should be an extension of your personality. Have fun with it! My style is a combination of adventurous, funky, warm and casual with a dash of elegance. This style exists and I refuse to adopt the crop top wearing outfits or the old lady granny panties. Stylish and appropriate clothes for fifty something women like myself, are out there. Keep following my posts, photos and life as I bring them to you!


The cold Canadian North grabbed us with icy fingers today. With errands to do I dressed in a black Guess shirt, black Gap jeans and warm cozy Uggs. Makeup for me is not meant to be time consuming. A little Yves Rocher flawless skin foundation, Annabelle instaglam kajal eyeliner and voluminous million lashes L’Oreal mascara and MAC Russian red lipstick and I was ready for the day. My cream coloured down filled North Face parka served its purpose by keeping me warm and cozy without sacrificing my style. One of my favourite features on this jacket is a cute belt that cinches at the waist. What a fun addition to the typically bulky winter jackets that become very common at this time of the year. My ultimate favourite part of this jacket has got to be…the hood! Ohhhh sooo huge and warm! It’s a blanket of warmth and just that dash of bam!!!! My American Eagle scarf and gloves added a little bit of that sparkle I love to brighten the day.  I happily and warmly got all of my errands done today while looking and feeling stylish as ever.


Love and Laughter


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