Tea for two

Oliver & Bonacini have an amazing selection of restaurants throughout Southern Ontario. Being the avid foodie that I am, I have been frequenting their restaurants on a regular basis for the past 29 years. From time to time you will get the pleasure of reading a review of one of their restaurants here on my blog. They offer a variety of yummy selections on their seasonal menus from restaurant to restaurant.

I was pretty excited to recently stop by and enjoy an “afternoon tea for two” at O&B Bayview Grill with my daughter, Kaitlin. Tea for two is an awesome idea during that period of time in the afternoon when you might be feeling peckish and it’s still a tad too early for dinner. We were spontaneous in our decision to stop in without reservations! The restaurant was buzzing but we were still immediately shown to a really nice roomy table. Consistently O&B restaurants have good service and in 29 years I can only think of one incident that service was subpar.

Our waiter was Derek and he was friendly and knowledgeable. Tea for two came with the option of tea or an upgrade to a mimosa. We opted for tea this time. We were offered a lovely selection of teas to try. I opted for earl grey and my daughter Kaitlin chose green tea. Derek was meticulous and even caught a smudge on my tea cup before I did and promptly brought me a new one. Our dessert consisted of a Chef‘s platter: mini s‘more, lemon posset, carrot cake and phyllo wrapped cheesecake. Perfect for sharing, the mini s‘more was topped with a yummy roasted marshmallow and was chocolaty and smooth, the lemon posset was served in a mini mason jar and was light and lemony – we could not get enough of it! The carrot cake is my favourite dessert at Oliver & Bonacini‘s and as usual it did not disappoint. Moist cake topped with a scoop of pineapple sour cream gelato mmmmmm! The phyllo wrapped cheesecake was like meeting up with an old friend. This was my favourite dessert on the menu back in the day when Oliver‘s was the only restaurant that existed at Yonge north of Eglinton . The warm phyllo hugs the cheesecake with ice cream on top and blueberry compote surrounding it. Each bite gives you an experience of different flavours all at once.

Overall, we had a lovely afternoon with service and food that made us feel like we were being pampered at a spa. I give this entire experience a yummy five croissants out of five. Our next visit there, it will be afternoon mimosas for two.

Love and Laughter





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