M.A.C Beautiful!


I’m pretty excited to share with you my thoughts on one of my Christmas prezzies from my daughter:  I was pretty happy to unwrap a  M.A.C Nutcracker Sweet Red Lip Gloss Kit. First I have to say that it was mighty brave of her to chance this because not only is lip gloss or any lipstick for that matter challenging to pick for someone else, but even more so for your fifty something year old Mom who is also a woman of colour! Behold! My thoughts:

The box is super cute! As soon as I opened it I was excited. The colours of the box are pink and purple stripes with gold and black accents. The lip glosses are in a drawer in the box. The opening of the drawer is a gold knot. Once you slide the drawer open you will find 4 tubes of lip gloss. They are easy to retrieve by simply lightly pressing on the bottom of the lip gloss tube, it will pop up.


Lip gloss #1 – Phiff! Dazzleglass. The outside of the tube is shimmery and sparkly. The applicator is a small brush which was nice and different and allowed for a thorough application for full coverage or a simple swipe to add that extra hint of glitter. The lipgloss felt great and not sticky, it suited me perfectly. I could smell a trace of vanilla and I was really happy that this gloss would work simply on its own or over top a lipstick. Great for casual wear, jeans and sweater.

Lip gloss #2- Galaxy Rose Cremesheen Glass. Rose pink on the outside I was wary how this would look on me. The applicator was a soft round sponge tip and application was very easy. Bingo! It looked and smelled great. Just like the Phiff! It wasn’t sticky on my lips. The versatility of this colour is great, worn with a dressy dress or casually. I would be dressed to impress.

Lip gloss #3- Gumdrop Cremesheen Glass. Red on the outside! Red is my favourite colour so it goes without saying I was beyond excited to try this one it out. The applicator was an angled sponge tip, easy to use . It smoothed on very nicely and looked stunning! I automatically thought of one of my favourite chic black dresses that I know this colour would look dynamite on and would quickly add that pop of colour.

Lip gloss #4- Courting Chic Cremesheen Glass. On the outside the tube is a sparkly bronze and my daughter said it was the colour that attracted her eye. The applicator is an angled sponge just like the Gumdrop lipgloss. It feels amazing on my lips and makes me feel beautiful when I look in the mirror. I love it! This colour would look great with work outfits or even weekend outfits.

M.A.C. I call this a win for these lipglosses! Each one works perfectly for me and I’m super happy that M.A.C created such versatile lipglosses that can be enjoyed at any age – and on any skin tone!

Love and Laughter



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