Mistletoe Magic in the City

One of the best things about family visiting from out of town is the chance to play tour guide. I always think the beauty of Niagara Falls and the CN Tower will grow old for me, but it never does. I love visiting my city and the tourist attractions any chance I get. There is just something special and magical about getting the opportunity to forget about all your day to day errands, worries and concerns to temporarily immerse yourself in the beauty your city has to offer. Anyways, we took Hubby’s sister in law and his niece on a visit to the Toronto Christmas Market. Hubby and I were looking forward to this particular tourist attraction because we had never been there before.

It was a chilly evening so we bundled up with gloves, hats and warm coats especially for the visitors who hailed from Trinidad and Tobago – an island in the Caribbean that is blessed with sunshine and blue skies. Our daughter played the tour guide as she had been to the Christmas market many times before with her boyfriend.

Located in the Distillery District of Toronto (Mill Street and Cherry Street), I was downright impressed when I got out of the car and saw how beautiful the district had been transformed. This little bit of Christmas escape in the middle of a busy bustling city was AWESOME! The beautiful lights, the smell of chestnuts literally roasting on an open fire – allowed you to get in the spirit of what felt like a little tiny little Whoville. If anyone was missing the Christmas spirit you sure found it here. Upon entering you’re greeted by a massive Christmas tree, absolutely covered in beautiful twinkling lights and decorations. Naturally, we just had to take A TON of pictures. I was floored that Hubby was patient through it all. He posed he smiled and posed and smiled again and patiently accepted when the females in the group saw it necessary to delete and re-take countless photos, waiting for that perfect Facebook cover photo.

Christmas lights were everywhere and the beauty and feel of Christmas was evident. There were many activities for everyone young and old and the photo opportunities were countless and provided the perfect backdrop for family photos that would be shared this Christmas season. There was a big red heart that you and your loved ones could stand in, a big Hershey kiss, a forest of pink Christmas trees, a life sized gingerbread house and more. Scattered around were the cutest little stores that you could drop in to get some gift ideas or even just some warmth.

I enjoyed seeing many families like ours, babies in strollers, couples holding hands, and so much laughter. I felt pretty good when I left, regardless of your race, religion or whatever may be going on in the world; everyone was provided with that temporary escape and brought together under the beautiful lights of the Toronto Christmas Market. `Tis the season of love, laughter and happiness, to you and yours.

Love and laughter





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